Rice U Students Explore Campus Food Supply Chain

Continuing the connection between local farmers and the university, students recently attended a local farm that supplies sustainably-grown food for on-campus consumption.

Tufts U to Hold Student Solar Project Competition

The Tufts Energy Conference offers students the opportunity to submit a photovoltaic technology project that will operate without a connection to the university's electric grid. The winning proposal will be allocated $10,000 toward implementation on campus.

U Maryland Cultivates Campus Farm

In partnership with the university's Dining Services, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Office of Sustainability, the new sustainable farming operation will be located 15 miles from campus and it will supply the university and food-insecure campus and community members with fresh and sustainably-grown food.

Wesleyan U Begins On Campus Food Cooperative

Recently began in concert by interested students, the local food co-op, which now has nearly 600 members, was started to meet the needs of those who wanted locally-grown and ethically-raised products, including meat and eggs, dairy, bread, jams and vinegars.

Hampshire College Students Check Out Vegetable Seeds

(United States): Called a seed-lending library, students interested in learning more about sustainable gardening and seed saving can now check out seeds from the on-campus library. Once the plants produce fruit or flowers, students harvest and dry the seeds, and then return them to the library's catalog.

Wesleyan U Coffee Shop to Promote Community Building

(United States): Attempting to provide a space for student-faculty conversations, the on-campus coffee shop recently submitted a proposal to expand the shop's current hours to include daytime hours.

Davidson College Unveils Sports-Centered Sustainability Programs

The college's The Next Play program will use the influence of sports to encourage sustainability through the creation of a Student-Athlete Sustainability Coalition, two zero waste athletic events and a speakers series. The initiative will also coordinate two national events: a sustainability-in-sports venture pitch tournament and a virtual discussion on sustainability and sports.

U St. Michael's College Student Organizes Social Justice Event

Trying to improve the community's attitude toward issues of social justice, the free event invited campus and community members for poems, speeches and songs on current topics including free trade and the environment, and discrimination.

Middlesex CC to Host Statewide Sustainability Conference

Designed for staff and students of the state's public and private colleges and universities, the event, featuring workshops and discussion panels, will focus on campus and community engagement, curriculum, teaching and research, and campus planning and facilities management.

U Kentucky to Open New Residential Learning College

Available to students in fall 2014, the university's Greenhouse Residential College is a living and learning community for those interested in learning different aspects of their local environment through the lens of sustainability.

North Carolina State U Pilots Plastic Bag Recycling

NC State Stewards, a student group of sustainability ambassadors, are managing a pilot program to collect and properly recycle single-use plastic bags.

U Georgia Students Receive $28K to Promote Sustainability

The university's Office of Sustainability recently announced $28,000 to be used by nine student groups' projects that aim to promote a culture of campus sustainability. While biking was the most popularly submitted proposal, others included an on-campus garden and water quality testing.

Oxford College Acquires Land for Organic Farm

(U.S.): After an alumni recently donated land, the college will now offer an organic farm to model sustainable farming techniques and for integration into the school's curriculum.

North Carolina State U Students Opt to Live in EcoVillage

The new sustainability-focused living and learning community drew 63 students whose focus is on service programs and a first-year student course on sustainability, which encourages students to lead, serve, problem solve and engage in complex issues.

Small Steps, Big Wins Campus Challenge Announces Fall Results

A national contest to empower college students to take positive social and environmental actions, such as donating blood or recycling, released the top scoring schools for fall semester as Oklahoma State University, University of California at Berkeley, Southern Illinois University, Penn State University and Washington University.

Green Mountain College Students Build Sustainable Mobile Home

Motivated to build a mobile living space that could be towed behind a four-cylinder vehicle, the Renewable Energy and Ecological Design students custom-built a 70-square-foot room with a composting toilet, rainwater collection system and a 120-watt photovoltaic panel.

North Carolina State U Students Engineer Heat Ventilation System

Students from the university's Landscape Construction Studio class recently designed and implemented the heat ventilation system for a garden space that has steam pipes underneath it causing vegetation to die. The student-staff collaboration won a local award.

U Wisconsin Eau Claire Students Collaborate with Campus Partners

Fulfilling their desire for hands-on experience in sustainability, the Honors Program in campus ecology students researched and presented a solution for cardboard recycling, conducting analysis of costs and revenue streams.

Delta College Publishes Book on Creativity and Sustainability

(U.S.): The recently unveiled publication, The Green Book Project, celebrates the college's sustainability efforts through the compilation of creative and artistic projects and actions.

Indian Institute Technology Kharagpur Invites Student Engagement

(India): In an effort to make the campus more sustainable, the new Innovation Challenge Grants aim to foster and support innovative green solutions to issues of waste, electricity, water and pollution.

U Idaho Students Develop Net-Zero Lab

(U.S.): After time spent researching forestry's role in wood production, graduate students were challenged to use the resource in new and innovative ways to construct a new campus laboratory building.

U Iowa Students Hold Sustainability Summit

(U.S.): Hosted by the university's Student Government, the event invited dialogue from administrators, students, faculty, staff and community members about campus sustainability and taking action beyond campus borders.

U South Carolina Students Give Back to Community

(U.S.): Using funds from the end-of-year move out campaign, university students partnered with Habitat for Humanity to renovate a home in the community with new carpet, paint and appliances.

Frostburg State U Students Initiate Action in Meetings

In support of a more sustainable campus, students in the university's Learning Green, Living Green Committee decorated windows with eco-friendly messages and images, and planted 1,400 tree seeds.

Maharishi U Management Students Build Adobe House

A group of 12 students studying natural building traveled to the Texas desert last month and spent 11 days building an adobe house measuring 14 feet by 14 feet. Construction included local soil for the bricks and locally harvested dead trees.

Dickinson College Selects Sustainability Fellows

The Baird Sustainability Fellows, a college-wide honors program, recognized seven graduating seniors who have advanced campus sustainability goals through scholarship, leadership and service.

Humboldt State U Hosts Student Sustainability Conference

The university recently held its biannual California Student Sustainability Coalition Convergence themed Building Sustainable Communities, and focused on building, feeding, powering, organizing action and social justice.

Princeton U Students to Install Solar in Peru

A pilot program of the university's Pace Center for Civic Engagement, eight students and one faculty will install a portable solar unit and provide education to the community members about how to install and maintain the system.

UC Berkeley Students Help Community Develop Climate Action Plan

This semester, university planning students are helping a neighboring city develop a roadmap for greenhouse gas mitigation and adaptation in a manner that distributes the responsibilities across all segments of the community.

Boston U Held Regional Eco Rep Conference

(U.S.): The recent Eco Rep Symposium at the university featured games to prompt discussions, presentations and roundtables about campus sustainability topics including waste, engaging students and communities, programs, effective communication, social justice and failures.

Cambridge Regional College Students Showcase Solar Thermal

(U.K.): At an upcoming skills show, the college's students will work on a solar thermal installation and demonstrate building efficiency technology.

Ursinus College Students and Community Plant Nearly 500 Trees

(U.S.): A groups of students from the university's Forest & People class along with over 70 volunteers planted the 480 trees to connect their classroom theory with experiential service-learning.

Loyola U Students Help Lower Avian Mortality

In a concerted effort to reduce avian mortality on three of the university's buildings, service-learning students enrolled in the spring 2013 SOAR (Student Operation for Avian Relief) program designed a plan that includes nets and usage of the building's automation system to lower blinds during early morning hours.

North Carolina State U Homecoming Becomes Sustainable Certified

Through the university's Sustainability Office, the fall event earned the highest achievement, Wolfpack-Certified Green Champion Level, for its efforts to reduce event waste, including parade materials, offer healthy food options and donating leftover food, and community engagement.

U Nebraska Lincoln Begins Student Engagement Campaign

Students of the campus' Association of Students of the University of Nebraska are hosting events that engage on-campus residents to reduce energy consumption, discuss campus sustainability, and further Dining Services food waste diversion and recycling program.

U Wyoming Releases Walking Tour

The newly released self-guided walking tour highlights LEED-certified buildings and a student farm.

Wesleyan U Uses App for Sustainability Contest

A fresh effort to engage students in campus sustainability and learn how social media can promote behavior change, the JouleBug Sustainability Contest used the mobile application to track environmentally-friendly efforts, such using a reusable mug.

Southern Illinois U Edwardsville Hosts Sustainability Art Exhibit

The new two-week long exhibition at the university's Center for Spirituality and Sustainability will pay homage to the designer of the domed center, Buckminster Fuller, through its geometry, spirituality and sustainability theme.

U Texas Austin Students Plant On-Campus Farm

The new green-fee funded Micro Farm is the university's first student-run operation where students grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs for university dining halls, a local food shelter and an onsite farm stand.

U West Florida Students Begin USGBC Chapter

In hopes of creating an environmentally-friendly campus, the new U.S. Green Building Council student club's first project will be construction of an Earthship structure composed of compacted dirt and used tires, which will be used as a seating area outside of the science and engineering building for campus members to create community.

Duke U Arts Festival Centers Around Sustainability

The annual festival's thematic choice this year is sustainability in order to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and expand the boundaries of artistic endeavors on campus. Organizers' intention is for participants to consider how creativity can galvanize sustainable behaviors.

Portland State U Questions Oppression in Sustainability Movement

The university's new Social Sustainability Month theme for 2013-14 is Decolonizing Sustainability: Unsettling the Dominant Paradigm, a focal point that encourages consideration of how the mainstream environmental and sustainability movements may perpetuate historical systems of oppression, colonization and domination.

Wesleyan U Students and Faculty Re-Envision 'The Commons'

As part of the university's College of the Environment year-long academic think tank on critical environmental issues, students and faculty discuss management of common property from an interdisciplinary perspective involving humanities and performing arts. The think tank will conjoin its scholarly work with the efforts of student sustainability groups like the Long Lane Farm Club, WILDWes and WesFresh.

Students Organize Around Campus Food Day 2013

(U.S.): Campus Food Day was celebrated recently at 350 U.S. colleges and universities. The event mobilized students to unify the food movement and launch efforts to change food policies on campus through events such as lectures, documentary screenings and petitions. Johns Hopkins University, Northeastern University and The University of Massachusetts, Amherst signed onto the Real Food Campus Commitment, pledging to source 20 percent of its food from local, fair, sustainable and humane farms and food businesses. As of Campus Food Day, 22 institutions have signed the Real Food Campus Commitment.

Concordia U Students Learn About Homelessness

In an effort to understand the plight of the homeless demographic, students organized an event in which they built cardboard shanties that they slept in overnight and spent time serving the homeless.

Penn State Students Aid in Stormwater Infrastructure Rebuilding

Students from the university's architecture program, staff and community volunteers worked with the Penn State Cooperative Extension and Public Media to rebuild one of the city's rain gardens and stormwater remediation areas. The project was part of an outreach effort for Penn State Public Media’s documentary "Water Blues, Green Solutions," which aims to encourage public education and awareness of green infrastructure.

Western Illinois U Celebrates First Sustainability Day

Hosted by the University Sustainability Committee and Facilities Management, the inaugural event will encourage campus members to implement sustainability to promote financial savings.

Columbia College Expands Paper-Fiber Teaching Garden

The newly expanded teaching garden features a rainwater cistern system and showcases natural and sustainably-grown plants whose fibers are used for paper making.

Temple U Students Create Health-Focused Teaching Garden

The recently renovated community garden, now focused on teaching the importance of healthy food choices, is the home of vegetables and herbs planted and grown by student volunteers.

U Toronto Launches 'Faces of Sustainability'

The university's sustainability office's new the bi-monthly feature recognizes the individuals who are contributing to campus sustainability, bridging dialogue across campus with varying stakeholders.