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News submitted should be directly relevant to higher education sustainability. The publication date of the news release or article cannot be older than two months from date of submission.


Opportunities for the campus sustainability community. We welcome submissions on a national, regional and local level. Surveys directly related to research on campus sustainability - both announcements of such surveys as well as results available online - will be considered for publication. Jobs, as well as internships and fellowships, should not be submitted as Opportunities; they should be submitted as Jobs. Unpaid internships will not be accepted.

New Resources

New resources must be accessible to the higher education sustainability community at large. Examples include campus sustainability reports, white papers, case studies, new magazines or journals, original AASHE content, websites, newsletters and videos.


Events should involve significant participation beyond the city or state/province, and should be focused on higher education sustainability or have a major track clearly dedicated to higher education.


Job postings are free for member organizations. Jobs should be directly related to furthering campus sustainability (faculty positions in a sustainability-related field can be included) and have sustainability concepts as part of their job descriptions. Unpaid internships will not be accepted. Jobs are included on the Bulletin website and in one issue of the newsletter. Internships and fellowships should be submitted as Jobs, not as Opportunities. We do not include job opportunities available to students/faculty/staff at only one school, or programs that are not new programs but are just seeking graduates. That's what our ads are for.