Online Certificate on Education for Sustainable Development

Offered through the Earth Charter Center for Education for Sustainable Development at the University for Peace, this program is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to deepen understanding, knowledge and skills to integrate Education for Sustainable Development and Education for Global Citizenship into classrooms, schools and curricula. It contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, with a specific focus on SDG 4, target SDG 4.7. Participants who successfully complete this online program will be invited to join the Earth Charter Educators Network.
  • Posted Aug 16, 2019

Montclair State U RFP for Facilities Sustainability Plan & Roadmapping

The university is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors for professional consulting services to assist in the creation of facilities-specific sustainability plan and roadmapping of the implementation, services and support, and recommendations for how to expand the plan beyond the Division of University Facilities.

AASHE 2019 Workshop: Using Endowment Investing to Help Create a Sustainable Economy

This pre-conference, half-day workshop will outline successes to date and how stakeholders can align endowment investments with institutional leadership across academics, operations and research. Guided by the Roadmap for Intentionally Designed Endowments, it will cover how to address the challenges higher education institutions face in building campus stakeholder consensus, aligning investment policies with mission, and implementing sustainable investing strategies across the endowment portfolio.
  • Posted Aug 16, 2019

Call for Nominations: Students for Zero Waste Awards

The Post-Landfill Action Network invites nominations for student leaders deserving of recognition for their efforts. There are seven award categories from which to choose. Award nominations will be accepted until Sept. 2. Recipients will be announced at the close of the 2019 conference, happening Oct. 11-13, in Philadelphia.
  • Posted Aug 12, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: Facilitation for Organizational Change: Part II

Building off the pre-conference facilitation workshop, Facilitation for Organizational Change, in which participants are introduced to core facilitation strategies and have opportunities to practice multi-meeting stakeholder process, this post-conference, half-day workshop will delve deeply into specific facilitation skills needed for challenging, in-person decision-making meetings. This workshop provides participants essential tools to engage campus stakeholders in difficult conversations necessary for productive meetings, create clear outcomes, and avoid group-based decision paralysis.
  • Posted Aug 8, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: Crafting Communications Campaigns with Impact

This post-conference, half-day workshop will help attendees craft communications campaigns that use technology and research-based methods to reach and engage a variety of audiences. The workshop will review best practices and guidelines in communications, with hands-on practice in designing communications and messaging for social media, newsletters, websites/blogs, and signage; incorporating principles from psychology and behavioral science; and understanding communications impact through analytics. The workshop is at the intermediate level but will offer material for both the beginner and advanced participants as well.
  • Posted Aug 8, 2019

Call for Applications: Indigenous Youth Delegation to COP25

This year, SustainUS will be sending sending its first-ever indigenous delegation to the 25th U.N. climate negotiations (COP25), happening in Santiago, Chile from Dec. 2-13. The delegation will be comprised of indigenous youth leaders who have first-hand knowledge and experience with the impacts that climate change is having on frontline communities. Nominations due Aug. 11, and applications are due Aug. 18.
  • Posted Aug 5, 2019

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Award

Through the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Award, the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) recognizes institutions that have demonstrated initiative or progress in sustainable procurement. Nominations are open to any institution with laboratory facilities that meet the criteria. The deadline to submit a nomination is Aug. 8.
  • Posted Aug 5, 2019

AASHE Member Discount: Free Year of Syllabi

AASHE members get a free year of Syllabi as part of the #GreenSyllabusChallenge. Syllabi is a digital, syllabus-based student planner that aggregates all course curriculum and due dates to the calendars of your choice. This discount expires on Dec. 31.
  • Posted Aug 2, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: Sustainable Procurement: Considerations and Best Practices

This pre-conference half-day workshop explains foundational aspects of a sustainable purchasing program, viewed through the lens of the procurement professional. It offers solutions that help campuses balance primary procurement needs while integrating sustainability considerations into the purchasing process.
  • Posted Aug 2, 2019

Call for Proposals: GUNi International Conference on Sustainable Development Goals

Conference organizers are seeking proposals that spotlight activities designed to integrate the SDGs and their achievement in teaching, research, institutional policies, third mission and student initiatives at higher education institutions. Proposals are due by Sept. 15.
  • Posted Jul 29, 2019

Collegiate Recycling Programs Survey

Duke University's Sanitation and Recycling department is conducting a research survey to gather information on collegiate recycling programs. Questions will be focused on two topic areas: bagless recycling operations and the localized impact of recent recycling market fluctuations. The average response time is less than 20 minutes. All data will be aggregated and shared with respondents after the survey window is closed. The deadline for responses is Aug. 2.
  • Posted Jul 22, 2019

AASHE Member Discount: $100 Off Sustainability Certification Through ISSP

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) offers students, faculty and staff from AASHE-member schools a $100 discount on the ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA) credential exam. The program is designed to recognize the knowledge, skills and abilities of those in the sustainability field, including students with knowledge of core sustainability concepts.
  • Posted Jul 22, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: A Key to Co-Creation: The Development & Utilization of a Social Justice Lens

This pre-conference, full-day, cross-disciplinary workshop is designed to take campus sustainability work to a deeper level via the use of a critical social justice lens to improve its efficacy, increase its reach and power, and ultimately align it more closely with 21st century climate realities. The session is grounded in social justice education and climate change theory (for a shared framework), and spends the bulk of its time in dialogue, application and integration of the content into participants' specific settings.
  • Posted Jul 22, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: Sulitest: Co-Creating the Next Set of Questions for the US

The Sulitest offers a set of online tools for raising awareness and improving understanding of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This post-conference, half-day workshop has two main objectives: present the Sulitest tool and its recent improvements so that academic and non-academic stakeholders who are not aware yet can start using it; and organize a creative session to work collectively on producing new questions to enrich the test with a 'hackathon' format.
  • Posted Jul 22, 2019

'Paris to Pittsburgh' Film Screening

The Power Shift Network invites people to sign up to host a free screening of Paris to Pittsburgh. Set against the national debate over the United States’ energy future and the decision to exit the Paris Climate Agreement, 'Paris to Pittsburgh' captures what's at stake for communities around the country and the inspiring ways people in the U.S. are responding.
  • Posted Jul 22, 2019

AASHE Mentorship Program

As a benefit of AASHE membership, the program connects sustainability staff and faculty with peers to share knowledge, collaborate on projects and advance the field of higher education sustainability. Participants benefit by expanding their professional networks, developing and/or enhancing their skills, and gaining exposure to new perspectives. Apply to be a mentor or mentee by Aug. 23.
  • Posted Jul 19, 2019

US Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) Poster Awards

The U.S. C3E Poster Competition is an opportunity for students and early-career researchers to participate in a poster competition at the 8th Annual U.S. C3E Women in Clean Energy Symposium at Texas A&M University, happening Nov. 13-14. The poster competition seeks to expose cutting-edge research in a variety of clean energy fields.
  • Posted Jul 15, 2019

NAAEE Awards for Excellence

The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) is accepting nominations for individuals or organizations for a variety of awards, all of which seek to highlight outstanding achievements in environmental education. The deadline to submit a nomination is Aug. 1.
  • Posted Jul 15, 2019

Felipe Floresca 'High Road' Fellowship Program

The Felipe Floresca "High Road" Fellowship Program seeks to build the capacity of people of color and justice advocates to develop and implement clean energy and climate resilience programs that include and benefit low-income, communities of color. It does this through a 12-month (September 2019-August 2020) experiential learning program that implements sustainable energy, water and food projects. The program provides a $50,000 annual stipend plus benefits. Placements are available for projects in one of the following ECC Sites: Washington D.C.; Oakland; San Francisco; and Seattle.
  • Posted Jul 15, 2019

Call for Submissions: Case Studies in the Environment Prize Competition

The editors of University of California Press's Case Studies in the Environment invite environmental case study submissions. The best environmental case study will receive a prize of $2,000, and two honorable mentions will receive $500. The deadline for submissions is Oct. 15.
  • Posted Jul 15, 2019

Call for Online Research Volunteers

A geography PhD student at The University of Southern Mississippi studying sustainability in higher education and searching for research volunteers to help conduct web assessments of environmentally sustainable higher education institutions in the U.S. Formal training and research is entirely online. Participants will be acknowledged in a published dissertation. A prize of $150 will be given to the person who conducts the most web assessments by Aug. 23.

Request for Proposals: IT Strategy Consultant

AASHE seeks requests for proposals for an IT strategy consultant. The consultant (person or group) is to assess AASHE’s current IT needs, offer a strategy with a specific staffing approach for all IT needs (including web development, third-party platforms, IT support, security, etc.), and recommend a process for web development projects. Proposals are due July 31.
  • Posted Jul 12, 2019

2020 Climate Leadership Awards

Presented by The Climate Registry and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), the Climate Leadership Awards is a national awards program that recognizes and incentivizes exemplary corporate, organizational and individual leadership in response to climate change. Applications are due Sept. 20.
  • Posted Jul 11, 2019

AASHE Member Discount: 10% Discount on Tayst Coffee

Tayst Coffee, a distributor of compostable coffee k-cups, is offering AASHE members a lifetime 10 percent discount on all orders.
  • Posted Jul 11, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: Facilitation for Organizational Change

This full-day, pre-conference workshop will explore what it means to be a strong facilitator. The first part of the workshop covers the basics of facilitation. The second part involves a three-part exercise where participants join teams and co-facilitate a series of meetings in a simulation of gaining consensus with stakeholders in a mock sustainability strategic planning process.
  • Posted Jul 11, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: The World Climate Simulation: A Tool to Motivate Science-Informed Climate Action

This half-day, pre-conference workshop aims to teach participants about the World Climate simulation, a tool that mimics global engagement from various countries and regions in an effort to provide solutions to climate change. Solutions from groups are then analyzed using a climate policy model, which reveals the expected climate impacts of the solution. Participants will learn how to facilitate World Climate successfully and tie it to opportunities for student learning and action on campus.
  • Posted Jul 11, 2019

Call for Proposals: Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit

Second Nature and the Intentional Endowments Network invite the Climate Leadership Network and stakeholders from all disciplines, backgrounds and perspectives to submit proposals for next-level conversations, workshops and concurrent sessions for the 2020 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit, happening Feb. 23-25, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia. The request for proposals will close on Sept. 30.
  • Posted Jul 8, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: CURC Campus Recycling Workshop

This full-day pre-conference workshop from College & University Recycling Coalition (CURC) will include a mix of keynote presentations from recycling experts, case studies of collegiate waste reduction programs, and panel discussions on a range of campus-related recycling, zero waste and sustainable materials management topics. Participants will have opportunities to network and learn from recycling and sustainability managers from schools across the country during extended round table discussions.
  • Posted Jul 8, 2019

AASHE Member Discount: Subsidized Sustainability Consulting

The Chrisner Group LLC is offering qualified AASHE member institutions the opportunity to obtain subsidized support for the institution’s ongoing sustainability performance measurement through its Subsidized On-Call Sustainability Strategy Program.
  • Posted Jul 3, 2019

2020 Roy Family Award for Environmental Partnership

Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government is accepting nominations for the Roy Award. Presented every two years, the award recognizes cross-sector partnerships that enhance environmental quality through novel and creative approaches.
  • Posted Jul 1, 2019

AASHE Member Discount: Free Subscription to Green Building & Design Bimonthly Magazine

AASHE members receive a free subscription ($60 value) to gb&d’s bimonthly magazine. Green Building & Design is a trade magazine that connects and inspires green building professionals by partnering with those at the forefront of sustainable design, development, planning and policy.
  • Posted Jun 28, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: The Design Thinking Process: User-Centered Solutions to Complex and Confounding Problems

This full-day pre-conference workshop will teach participants how to use the design thinking process to develop solutions to common issues as sustainability professionals. The design thinking process is a user-focused solution design process that approaches problems from the point of view of the users, which can lead to insights about true barriers to success and the most effective solutions to achieve the desired results.
  • Posted Jun 27, 2019

Recycling Rates & Organizational Behavior Survey

A research team at the University of Virginia is studying how organizational behavior effects recycling rates. Anyone doing work related to recycling at a higher education institution is invited to participate in this research. Upon completion of the survey, participants have the opportunity to opt in to future communication regarding our results. The first 300 participants will have the option to receive a $10 payment or donate their payment to one of the following non-profits: Natural Resources Defense Council or the Ocean Cleanup.
  • Posted Jun 24, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: Galvanizing Gaia: Catalyzing A Social Incubator for Women Sustainability Leaders and Innovators

This full-day pre-conference workshop will use the methods of social incubators to optimize a connective context for bringing sustainability ideas to life. Participants will leave this workshop with inspiration, tools and next steps on the path to a successful launch or reinvigoration of sustainability projects and initiatives.
  • Posted Jun 21, 2019

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Integrating Sustainability & Global Engagement in the Curriculum: Call for Proposals

CARES21 (Consortium for Agro-Ecological Research and Education in Sustainability in the 21st Century), an initiative of Widener University, invites proposals for the their 2020 symposium, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Integrating Sustainability and Global Engagement in the Curriculum, happening Jan. 8-12, 2020, in Costa Rica. The deadline for abstracts is Oct. 5.
  • Posted Jun 16, 2019

AASHE Member Discount: Free Year of Syllabi

AASHE members get a free year of Syllabi as part of the #GreenSyllabusChallenge. Syllabi is a digital, syllabus-based student planner that aggregates all course curriculum and due dates to the calendars of your choice. This discount expires on Dec. 31, 2019.
  • Posted Jun 16, 2019

Climate Emergency Sign-On Letter

In advance of the U.N. Climate Action Summit on Sept. 23 in New York, networks and institutions are invited to add their support to this letter, which aims to raise concern for the climate emergency. The letter will be shared with key government officials and the media in advance of this summit. Ideally, the president or chancellor of respective institutions will sign on to this letter on behalf of the institution. However, if an institution has already committed to the outlined actions, any faculty or staff member of the institution can sign on to reiterate its pre-existing commitment. The deadline for signing on to this letter is Aug. 1.
  • Posted Jun 16, 2019

AASHE 2019 Workshop: Research for Sustainability: Investigating Mass Timber as Green Alternative

The full-day pre-conference workshop on research for sustainability will evaluate the use of mass timber in the construction industry from a sustainability perspective. This event aims to bring leading scholars and researchers together with architects and engineers to introduce the audience to the latest developments in timber research and to discuss new wood products, processes and concepts and their potential as competitors to concrete or steel. Attendees will also examine the environmental benefits of this renewable material and compare it to conventional construction materials in terms of life cycle environmental impact life cycle cost.
  • Posted Jun 14, 2019

AASHE 2019 Scholarships

Individuals from an AASHE member institution in good standing that are in need of financial assistance to attend the AASHE Conference and Expo can apply for a scholarship between now and June 28. Scholarship recipients will receive up to the cost of a full conference registration (valued at $250 for students and $575 for regular attendees).
  • Posted Jun 10, 2019

AASHE Refocus Workshop: Leading Deeper Change in Higher Education

This leadership development program is designed to enable practitioners to generate deeper organizational change and establish sustainability as a strategic priority. Hosted by the University of Illinois at Chicago from Aug. 8-9, the workshop aims to highlight a very broad set of topics and disciplines relevant to leading a transformational sustainability program and help attendees apply the material. The deadline to apply is June 29.
  • Posted Jun 10, 2019

Academic Bicycle Challenge

The Academic Bicycle Challenge is for college and university staff, faculty and students to track their cycled miles for a chance to appear on one of eight different leaderboard types. The competition will reveal a global comparison of cycling activities between universities, academic disciplines, self-generated teams and individuals.
  • Posted Jun 3, 2019

GRITS Tool Available to Portfolio Manager Users for Free

In recognition of becoming an Energy Star partner, the Sustainable Endowments Institute has made available a free version of the Green Revolving Investment Tracking System (GRITS) available to users of the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool. GRITS is a project-management platform used to calculate, track and share the energy, financial and carbon savings data from sustainability projects.
  • Posted Jun 3, 2019

Making Sustainability Accessible: A Curriculum Development Workshop

The University of Kansas and Johnson County Community College are collaborating on this faculty development curriculum workshop, being held Aug 8-9 at Johnson County Community College. Designed to help faculty from all disciplines make connections to sustainability within their curriculum, this workshop will explore themes of sense of place, community wellness and cooperative problem-solving to make sustainability concepts relatable to students entering any field. The deadline to register is Aug. 5. The University of Kansas and Johnson County Community College are regional AASHE Centers for Sustainability Across the Curriculum.
  • Posted Jun 3, 2019

AASHE Member Discount: Discount on Climate Change & Health Certificate

Students, staff and faculty at AASHE member institutions are eligible for a 10 percent discount off an 18-week online certificate through Yale University's School of Public Health that teaches about tools to address the health impacts of climate change.
  • Posted May 30, 2019

Leading Deeper Change in Higher Education Workshop

During this 1.5-day workshop, participants will be introduced to Refocus: a leadership development program designed to enable practitioners to generate deep organizational change and establish sustainability as a strategic priority. The workshop aims to prepare participants to lead a transformational sustainability program.

World Environment Day Mask Challenge

From May 24 through World Environment Day (June 5), the United Nations Environment Program is asking people to commit to action that supports clean air, such as biking to work or school, using public transit or choosing non-toxic paints and furnishings. Challenge participants are encouraged to post their actions to social media in order to raise awareness for clean air.
  • Posted May 27, 2019

Call for Submissions: Research to Action: The Science of Drawdown

In partnership with Project Drawdown, Pennsylvania State University will hold the first international conference on climate solutions, based on the book Drawdown, The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. The three-day conference, happening Sept. 16-18, will provide opportunities to learn about and discuss the science underlying Project Drawdown’s portfolio of 100 solutions to reverse global warming. Conference organizers invite abstract submissions for research poster presentations and artwork/demonstrations. A selection of poster presenters will be asked to participate as panelists, discussants or lightning talk presenters. The final deadline for abstract submissions is Aug. 15.
  • Posted May 27, 2019

Early Bird Registration Ends Soon: 2019 AASHE Conference & Expo

Early bird registration prices increase after May 31. This year's programming offers two new deep dive sessions designed to meet the demand for higher level content. Also, workshops have been announced and are available for registration.
  • Posted May 24, 2019

Build Sustainability and the 17 SDGs Into Your Course

To be held at Fleming College on June 14, this workshop will guide participants through building a Sustainable Development Goal module, seminar activity, assignment, case, etc. into their courses. Facilitators will review the UNESCO model for sustainability and the 17 SDGs and will share examples of how sustainability has been incorporated into courses at Fleming. The deadline to register is June 5. Fleming College is a regional AASHE Center for Sustainability Across the Curriculum.
  • Posted May 24, 2019