Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I submit a post?

    A: Select the submit button located at the top bar. There you can select the type of content you want to post, i.e., news story, opportunity, new resource, event or job. Once you select the type of content that best fits your submission, follow the form to complete your submission. Read the submission guidelines to learn about what is accepted.

  2. I've got something to post. How do I tell if it's a news story, a new resource, an opportunity, event or job?

    A: Visit the submission guidelines page for information on what constitutes a news story, new resource, opportunity, event or job.

  3. What's the difference between an opportunity and a job?

    A: An opportunity is something targeted toward the entire campus sustainability community such as a call for proposal process for an upcoming conference or survey announcements and results. Job openings, fellowships and internships are posted in the jobs section, and are never posted in the opportunity section.

  4. If I want to submit a case study, what type of content is it?

    A: Case studies can be submitted as a new resource. Please also consider submitting case studies to the Campus Sustainability Hub.

  5. Where does a fellowship get posted?

    A: A fellowship should be included as a job submission. Job opportunities, fellowships and internships available to students/faculty/staff at only one school, or programs that are not new programs but are just seeking graduates are not accepted.

  6. Why isn't my submission on the website?

    A: Submissions typically take five full business days to be reviewed before it can be published to the site. If, after five days, the submission is still not published and you haven’t received a response, email

  7. My post wasn't approved! Why not?

    A: We’re sorry that your post was not accepted. We encourage you to check out our submission guidelines. If you still have questions after reviewing the submission guidelines, email and provide your submission details.

  8. I'm interested in advertising in the Bulletin. Is that possible?

    A: Yes! Learn more about available advertising opportunities.

  9. I want to submit a job opportunity that's only available to students, faculty and/or staff at my school. Can I submit it to the Bulletin website?

    A: Job opportunities available to students/faculty/staff from only one school are not accepted. Advertising options are available for jobs, internships and fellowships that do not fit within these guidelines. Learn more about advertising options.

  10. Can non-AASHE members submit a piece for the Bulletin?

    A: Yes! We welcome submissions from everyone. We do require that you are signed in with your FREE AASHE account in order to submit a piece for consideration. If you don’t have one already, you can create one now. We also encourage you to explore AASHE membership benefits. We offer discounts, exclusive resources and free access to our webinars.

  11. I've got a question not listed here. Who can I contact?

    A: Please email