New Resources

U Toronto Carbon Professional Path Workshop

The University of Toronto's (Ontario) Centre for Environment has partnered with HRCarbon to offer a "Carbon Professional Path" workshop in May 2012. Preparing participants for the CSA Standards greenhouse gas inventory quantifier certification, the workshop will cover the requirements of inventory quantification and quality management and reporting.
  • Posted Apr 3, 2012

AASHE Expands Member Resources with Int’l Partners

With the goal of fostering a global dialogue around higher education sustainability, AASHE has partnered with Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) and the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) to share member resources. Members from each organization will now have access to all resources including publications, e-newsletters and networks, as well as sharing good practice from around the globe on issues such as resource efficiency, education, waste minimization and sustainability reporting.
  • Posted Mar 27, 2012

GUNi Report: 'Higher Education's Commitment to Sustainability'

The Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi) has released the fourth report in its Higher Education in the World series: "Higher Education's Commitment to Sustainability: from Understanding to Action." Analyzing the link between sustainability and higher education, the publication includes trending topics, good practices and a map of how regions around the world are advancing sustainability. The publication also explores the main barriers that prevent the transformation of higher education institutions towards contributing to the sustainability paradigm, and highlights possible solutions.
  • Posted Mar 27, 2012

USGBC White Paper: Impact of School Bldgs on Student Health

Higher education faculty, graduate and doctoral students who wish to pursue study in the area of school buildings and childhood health may be interested in this recently released white paper, "The Impact of School Buildings on Childhood Health and Learning: A Call for Research." The paper, released by the U.S. Green Building Council's Center for Green Schools in partnership with the McGraw Hill Foundation, is designed to be an accessible account of current research in this field, an assessment of research needed, and a summary of how individual groups can support the effort to draw connections between where students learn and their health and learning outcomes.
  • Posted Mar 27, 2012

AASHE Interview Series: Small Planet's Frances Moore Lappé

AASHE talks with Frances Moore Lappé, founder of the Small Planet Institute, about her newest book, "EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want." Lappé discusses the importance of thinking critically about how different messages and metaphors impact our choices, and shares stories of her encounters with campus sustainability.
  • Posted Mar 6, 2012

Bioneers Resource: Mapping Local Food & Energy Systems

Bioneers has released its "Dreaming New Mexico Methods" booklet, designed to provide tools, insights and tips on how to map existing food and energy systems, and how to imagine what an appropriate energy or food system might look like in the future. The free resource, designed to serve as a case study for higher education students, offers tips on social entrepreneurship and what one may encounter in attempting a project of this kind.
  • Posted Mar 6, 2012

New Issue of Sustainability: The Journal of Record

The latest issue of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.'s Sustainability: The Journal of Record looks at why the Living Building Challenge should be the new policy for every higher education institution in an interview with Cascadia Green Building Council CEO Jason McLennan. The issue also explores how to turn higher education budget cuts into sustainability opportunities, and profiles Portland State University's (OR) interconnected web approach to integrating sustainability into the curriculum with students as key players.
  • Posted Feb 21, 2012

USGBC Higher Education Sustainability Profiles

Designed as examples to advance higher education sustainability practices at other institutions, the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Center for Green Schools has debuted a series of campus sustainability best practice profiles. The PowerPoint presentations, which include speaker notes, showcase stand-out stories and initiatives like Evergreen State College's (WA) partnership with Washington's Department of Corrections to reduce the operating costs of their prisons and provide green collar job trainings for inmates and staff.
  • Posted Feb 21, 2012

AASHE Releases STARS 1.2

AASHE has released STARS 1.2, a version of STARS with minor substantive changes to the previous version, STARS 1.1. Minor changes include changing reporting fields associated with a credit; modifying criteria or definitions within a credit; and modifying how points are calculated for individual credits. Changes were recommended by Technical Advisor Work Groups and STARS staff in response to STARS participants’ questions and comments regarding STARS 1.1. All institutions registering after Feb. 8, 2012 will be required to use STARS 1.2.
  • Posted Feb 14, 2012

AASHE Campus Sustainability Data Collector

As announced in January, AASHE has created a new Campus Sustainability Data Collector (CSDC) that eliminates the need for institutions to complete four separate surveys by collecting all campus sustainability data in one place. The CSDC, now available on AASHE's Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) website, allows any higher education institution to report sustainability data and share it with The Princeton Review, Sierra magazine and the Sustainable Endowments Institute.
  • Posted Feb 7, 2012

AASHE's 'Higher Education Occupation' Project

The voices of students, faculty, staff and administrators across the country are featured in AASHE's new "Higher Education Occupation" project. To help better understand the motivations of the Occupy Movement, AASHE asked the higher education community: "What does the Occupy Movement mean to you in the context of higher education sustainability?" Here are their answers. For those that didn't have a chance to share their voice on this topic, it's not too late! AASHE will include the Higher Education Occupation project in its upcoming 2011 Higher Education Sustainability Review. AASHE welcomes entries through March 15.
  • Posted Feb 7, 2012

New AASHE Guest Blog: To Revolve or not to Revolve?

The latest AASHE guest blog features Joe Indvik, a 2010 graduate of Dartmouth College (NH) who helped design and implement a $1 million green revolving loan fund on campus. Indvik shares his perspective on this increasingly popular and innovative tactic for financing sustainability projects and generating monetary savings on campus.
  • Posted Jan 31, 2012

Inaugural Issue of RIT Journal of Environmental Sustainability

The Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) has launched the Journal for Environmental Sustainability, a new publication with editorial staff from around the globe and informational articles about current understandings and trends within the field of environmental sustainability. The journal includes a broad selection of theoretical papers, applied research, case studies and commentaries by professionals in the field of environmental management.
  • Posted Jan 24, 2012

Journal of Global Responsibility Special Issue: EfS in Business

Emerald Group Publishing Limited's The Journal of Global Responsibility has released a special issue on education for sustainability in business curriculum. "Nurturing Responsibility: Connecting Business Practice, Education and Sustainability" showcases examples of emerging good practice and includes a critical discussion of the broader contexts and initiatives that are guiding innovation in this area. Daniella Tilbury with the University of Gloucestershire's (UK) International Research Institute in Sustainability examines this issue in the lead article, "Today becomes Tomorrow: Re-thinking Business Practice, Education and Learning in the Context of Sustainability."
  • Posted Jan 17, 2012

ACUPCC 'Campus Climate Leadership: Reports from the Field'

Released by the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), "Campus Climate Leadership: Reports from the Field (October 2008 - December 2010)" is a compilation of articles drawn from issues of its monthly newsletter, the ACUPCC Implementer, and other organizations implementing sustainability strategies. Articles written by experts and practitioners include examples, best practices and relevant stories from the education for sustainability movement over the past two years.
  • Posted Jan 10, 2012

New Issue of Sustainability: The Journal of Record

The latest issue of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.'s Sustainability: The Journal of Record includes a Q&A with Majora Carter, the founder of an economic consulting firm and nonprofit Sustainable South Bronx, who talks about instilling real change through group collaboration. AASHE's Niles Barnes takes a look at the innovations and sustainability champions honored during the annual Sustainability Awards at the AASHE 2011 conference. Part two of a roundtable discussion, "Race, Environment, and Sustainability," addresses the politics of race and urban environments and the movement of localization and global solidarity.
  • Posted Jan 10, 2012

SEI Green Revolving Fund Case Study Series: U Colorado Boulder

The ninth installment of the Sustainable Endowments Institute's new series, Green Revolving Funds in Action: Case Studies of 10 Colleges, features the University of Colorado Boulder's green revolving fund. In partnership with AASHE and other organizations, the series takes a look at how innovative green revolving funds save energy and "grow money" at higher education institutions.
  • Posted Jan 10, 2012

Education for Sustainability: Guides for Teaching and Learning

In an effort to provide a framework for enhancing teaching and learning in sustainability, the Sustainability Team at the University of Gloucestershire (UK) has released two installments of its Education for Sustainability (EfS): Guides for Teaching and Learning series. A Guide for University Managers on Needs and Opportunities explores strategic needs, benefits and the potential for EfS in the curriculum and in partnership with external organizations. A Guide for Educators on Teaching and Learning Approaches provides orientation on the aims and principles of EfS to inform curriculum development work.
  • Posted Dec 13, 2011

New AASHE Resource: Conference Materials Database

AASHE has made available all of the conference posters, panels and presentations from AASHE 2011 in Pittsburgh and AASHE 2010 in Denver in one searchable database. Conference materials can be searched by conference year, category, organization, session type and keyword. Blog posts, photos and videos can also be found on the AASHE conference website. Stay tuned for details about AASHE 2012, slated for Oct. 14-17 in Los Angeles.
  • Posted Dec 13, 2011

New and Improved AASHE Campus Sustainability Officers Web Page

AASHE has released a new and improved web page, Resources for Campus Sustainability Officers, featuring professional development opportunities, example job descriptions, sustainability staffing surveys and other resources to help build the profession and facilitate the work of sustainability officers.
  • Posted Dec 13, 2011

New SEED Sustainable Ag, Transportation Resources

The American Association of Community College's (AACC) Sustainability Education and Economic Development (SEED) Initiative has debuted two new resources to help educators develop and enhance green job training programs and courses. The Sustainable Ag., Food & Land sector includes organizations and resources that integrate environmental, social and economic factors into land use, food preparation and land specific practices. The Transportation & Fuels sector covers the area of electric and hybrid vehicle development and maintenance, natural gas, fuel cells, battery storage and renewable fuel sources including ethanol, biodiesel, algae and methane.
  • Posted Dec 13, 2011

New AASHE Blog: Higher Education's Future - Not Failing the 3R's

"As I look at the future of higher education I see three things institutions must do better to survive (not just succeed but survive)," writes AASHE Executive Director Paul Rowland in this new blog. Incorporating Relevance, Responsibility and Relationships, Rowland describes the "3R" framework that he sees as essential to the future of higher education.
  • Posted Dec 6, 2011

New AASHE Blog: Kicking off COP 17 in Durban, South Africa

For those who can't make it to Durban, South Africa this year for the 17th Conference of Parties (COP 17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, this AASHE blog is following the action as 194 parties convene to discuss global solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adopt resolutions to strategically address climate change. The blog includes resources from Climate Action Network International and SustainUS, among others.
  • Posted Dec 6, 2011

New AASHE Guest Blog: The 4 C's to Recycling Success

A new AASHE guest blog by the University of Michigan’s Alison Richardson, who works in the university's Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling, summarizes key take-aways and findings from the office’s compilation of recycling best practices among top recycling buildings on campus. These best practices were condensed into a guide to help lower-performing buildings boost their recycling rates.
  • Posted Dec 6, 2011

New Book: Ecologically Sustainable Reforms in Curriculum

Eco-Justice Press has released a new book by C. A. Bowers, "Educational Reforms for the 21st Century: How to Introduce Ecologically Sustainable Reforms in Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies." The book introduces pedagogical strategies for addressing the linguistic colonization of the present by the past; the teacher’s role as a cultural mediator between the cultural commons and consumer-dependent experiences; and how computers contribute to the enclosure of the cultural commons.
  • Posted Dec 6, 2011

Updated NWF Campus Sustainability Database

The National Wildlife Federation has added 100 new case studies to its campus sustainability case study database, which now includes more than 600 studies from higher education campuses across the U.S. Highlighted efforts include energy efficiency improvements, alternative transportation systems and green jobs training programs. The database is searchable by topic, year and school, and includes information on project goals, successes, challenges, funding strategies and project leaders.
  • Posted Nov 29, 2011

Academic Impressions: Proactive Deferred Maintenance Strategies

As higher education institutions are caught between a growing deferred maintenance backlog and increasing needs for capital expansion as they compete for students, faculty and research dollars, it is critical to develop a sustainable model for funding facilities replacement and renewal, says this recent Academic Impressions article. The article provides examples of proactive approaches to deferred maintenance including an initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that uses energy and water savings from efficiency projects to fund maintenance efforts.
  • Posted Nov 22, 2011

New AASHE Blog: Staying Aligned with STARS

This new blog post from AASHE's STARS team outlines the features of the free, monthly STARS Update. From STARS website and reporting tool updates to news from the STARS Steering Committee, the e-newsletter keeps the higher education community up-to-date on the latest STARS information.
  • Posted Nov 22, 2011

New AASHE Resource: Campus Sustainability-Related Blogs Database

AASHE has released a new and improved database of campus sustainability blogs by host type, featuring links to more than 50 blogs hosted by campuses, individuals, nonprofits and businesses.
  • Posted Nov 22, 2011

Department of Ed Sustainability Education Summit Report

The U.S. Department of Education has released a Proceedings Report that provides an overview of its September 2010 "Sustainability Education Summit: Citizenship and Pathways for a Green Economy." Including industry, academic and government representatives' comments from the summit’s four panel sessions, the report recommends ways to advance sustainability education throughout the country.
  • Posted Nov 15, 2011

'iCreate Sustainability' Educators Website

Supported by the McGraw-Hill Research Foundation, this new iCreate Sustainability community website brings together practitioners in business, nonprofits and government with educators to collaborate on education for a sustainable future. Discussions include core competencies, career pathways and national trends.
  • Posted Nov 15, 2011

Report: Higher Ed's Role in Adapting to a Changing Climate

Supported by Second Nature and Clean Air-Cool Planet, this new report evaluates how colleges and universities are preparing society for a changing climate through their education, research, operations and community engagement activities. The report was developed by the Higher Education Climate Adaptation Committee, a group of 13 leaders in higher education and experts in climate adaptation convened by the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) in March 2011.
  • Posted Nov 15, 2011

New Issue of Int'l Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

The latest issue of Emerald Group Publishing Limited's International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education includes an analysis of higher education institutions as partners in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership. The issue also explores how to communicate the sustainability message in higher education institutions, and different philosophies toward achieving campus sustainability.
  • Posted Nov 8, 2011

AASHE Interview Series: McGill U's Environmental Officer

AASHE talks to Kathleen Ng, environmental officer at McGill University (QC), about the 10-year anniversary of the university's environmental policy and her own experiences working on campus sustainability issues.
  • Posted Nov 1, 2011

AASHE Interview Series: Mission-Based Sustainability

AASHE talks with representatives from the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change, Santa Clara University’s Office of Sustainability and the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Sustainability about the ideas and goals behind the new publication, "Sustainability and Catholic Higher Education: A Toolkit for Mission Integration."
  • Posted Nov 1, 2011

New AASHE Blog: Campuses Celebrate First National Food Day

Higher education advocacy played a big role in the inaugural nationwide Food Day, marked by at least 2,000 events in 50 states. Organized by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the grassroots mobilization encouraged the nation to not only eat healthy food grown in a sustainable and humane way, but to also advocate for smarter food policies. From petitioning for local campus food sources to panels and picnics, this blog highlights the variety of ways that campuses celebrated Food Day.
  • Posted Nov 1, 2011

New AASHE Student Resources & Action Page

AASHE has released a new Resources for Students web page. These resources are designed to empower students to take real and meaningful action on campus in areas including food, waste, climate action, outreach and communications, and many others. Students and alums can learn how to get more involved with sustainability in higher education, gain greater recognition for their sustainability efforts, and connect with other students.
  • Posted Nov 1, 2011

New Issue of Sustainability: The Journal of Record

The latest issue of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.'s Sustainability: The Journal of Record includes a look at the growth of sustainable agriculture programs and a review of the new book, "Fields of Learning: The Student Farm Movement in North America." Part one of a roundtable discussion, "Race, Environment, and Sustainability," explores why it is important for the sustainability movement to look deeply into issues of race.
  • Posted Nov 1, 2011

SEI Green Revolving Fund Case Study Series: U Notre Dame

The eighth installment of the Sustainable Endowments Institute's new series, Green Revolving Funds in Action: Case Studies of 10 Colleges, features the University of Notre Dame's (IN) $2 million green revolving fund. In partnership with AASHE and other organizations, the series takes a look at how innovative green revolving funds save energy and "grow money" at higher education institutions.
  • Posted Nov 1, 2011

SEI Green Revolving Fund Case Study Series: Western Michigan U

The latest installment of the Sustainable Endowments Institute's new series, Green Revolving Funds in Action: Case Studies of 10 Colleges, features Western Michigan University's green revolving fund. In partnership with AASHE and other organizations, the series takes a look at how innovative green revolving funds save energy and "grow money" at higher education institutions.
  • Posted Oct 25, 2011

AASHE 2011 Conference Coverage

Volunteer transcriptionists and AASHE staff covered the sessions and keynotes during the AASHE 2011 conference in Pittsburgh. Coverage including a student-organized protest of the Keystone XL pipeline during President Obama's visit to Pittsburgh and videos of Majora Carter's and Dr. Tim White's keynote speeches are available on AASHE's Campus Sustainability Perspectives blog.
  • Posted Oct 18, 2011

Collegiate Football Sustainable Materials Management Toolkit

Supported by AASHE, the College and University Recycling Coalition and Keep America Beautiful, this toolkit provides a guide for institutions of higher education across the country to implement or improve their game day recycling and sustainability efforts. Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a national panel of higher education representatives, the toolkit originated with a comprehensive survey distributed and evaluated in spring 2011 by a team of students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
  • Posted Oct 11, 2011

Northwest Earth Inst. Releases Sustainable Food Systems Curricula

The Northwest Earth Institute has releases a new six-session discussion course on sustainable food systems. Available for faculty professional development, classroom curricula and community-based learning, the course focuses on food systems as they interact with human and ecological systems, food politics and the ethics of our food choices.
  • Posted Oct 11, 2011

SEED Green Action Plan Series

Aimed at senior administrators, faculty and staff, the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) has released its "SEED Green Action Plan Series," a set of guides and actionable steps that higher education institutions can use to prepare a skilled workforce and become change agents in regional efforts to develop a green and sustainable economy. The series is produced by AACC's Sustainability Education and Economic Development (SEED) center, in collaboration with AASHE, Second Nature and the Greenforce Initiative.
  • Posted Oct 4, 2011

SEI Green Revolving Fund Case Study Series: Iowa State U

The latest installment of the Sustainable Endowments Institute's new series, Green Revolving Funds in Action: Case Studies of 10 Colleges, features Iowa State University's $3 million fund. In partnership with AASHE and other organizations, the series takes a look at how innovative green revolving funds save energy and "grow money" at higher education institutions.
  • Posted Oct 4, 2011

An Action Plan for Higher Ed Workplace Diversity, Inclusion

The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) has released its Inclusion Cultivates Excellence Position Statement and Action Plan, which delivers a call to action to encourage inclusion and diversity of all types in all sectors of the higher education workplace. The action plan lays out goals to help higher education HR professionals lead workforce diversity and inclusion efforts on campus.
  • Posted Sep 27, 2011

Blog: AASHE Mourns the Passing of Wangari Maathai

In this AASHE blog, Executive Director Paul Rowland pays tribute to Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, 71, who died September 25 in her home country of Kenya. Dr. Maathai, who was scheduled to give the opening keynote at the AASHE 2011 conference, had been hospitalized for ovarian cancer in the preceding weeks.
  • Posted Sep 27, 2011

Inside Higher Ed 'Academic Minute': Sustainability Ethics

In this Inside Higher Ed "Academic Minute," Rochester Institute of Technology's (NY) applied ethics professor Wade Robison examines the philosophical assumptions at the heart of sustainability ethics.
  • Posted Sep 27, 2011

SEI Green Revolving Fund Case Study Series: Harvard U

The latest installment of the Sustainable Endowments Institute's new series, Green Revolving Funds in Action: Case Studies of 10 Colleges, features Harvard University's (MA) $12 million fund. In partnership with AASHE and other organizations, the series takes a look at how innovative green revolving funds save energy and "grow money" at higher education institutions.
  • Posted Sep 20, 2011

AASHE Interview Series: Antioch U New England Green Guru Program

The latest installment of the AASHE Interview Series profiles Antioch University New England's Green Guru program, an initiative to make office spaces at the university more sustainable, with a recent achievement of 100 percent participation by university employees. AASHE talks to Assistant to the President for Sustainability & Social Justice Abigail Abrash Walton and Green Guru Rachel Brett about the success of the program.
  • Posted Sep 13, 2011