U California Santa Cruz Honors People of Color Environmental Work

The university's Ethnic Resource Center recently hosted its first world cafe style discussion aiming to showcase the contributions that people of color have made to the environmental movement and to have a critical dialogue about the current state of the campus environmental movement.

California State U Fresno Implements Gender-Neutral Housing

As part of an effort to nurture an inclusive campus that promotes diversity, the new option for gender-neutral housing allows same-sex living arrangements in on-campus residences.

Lehigh U to Host Equality-Themed Basketball Game

Sponsored by the university's athletic department and the Pride Center, an upcoming men's game will be themed LGBTQ Equality Game to provide a means for athletes, coaches and fans to stand up and create an atmosphere of inclusion, recognizing the courage and openness of athletes at all levels who have come out as LGBTQ.

U North Carolina Charlotte Aims for More Unisex Restrooms

(U.S.): The university's Campus Accessibility Advisory Committee and the Trans Committee have recently partnered to identify the most used buildings on campus not near gender-neutral restrooms. In an effort to become more inclusive of all students, identified buildings will have gender-neutral bathrooms built in them.

Georgetown U Announces New Committee on Diversity

The establishment of the Provost's Committee for Diversity, birthed from a proposed, student project, will be comprised of different subcommittees and expects participants to engage in an ongoing investigation of racial and social justice, intersectionality, and awareness of marginalized groups on campus.

Indiana State U Introduces Gender Neutral Housing Option

Beneficial for students and incoming students who may be transgendered or do not identify with a gender, the university will be testing coed dorm rooms with those that carry upperclass status.

U Wisconsin Madison Holds Diversity Discussions

Spurred by a campus demonstration of the national frustration over racial inequity in the criminal justice system, campus officials welcomed students back by convening a newly planned round of public discussions of race on campus.

Obama Administration Proposes Free Community College [Video]

President Obama recently announced a proposal to make the first two years of community college free requiring students attend community college at least half-time, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and make progress toward completing their program. Community colleges, the federal government and participating states would have requirements that must be met as part of this proposal.

Pomona College & Cornell U Partner on Diversity Research in STEM

(U.S.): The newly published research in Nature Climate Change describes some of the hidden and complicated social barriers to participation in sustainability-related science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by underrepresented groups and recommends a course to action.

Western Kentucky U Bolsters Gender Support with Restrooms

(U.S.): In an effort to accommodate all students, the university is adding gender-neutral restrooms across campus, with new signage that says "all gender" and no symbols.

Southern Illinois U Edwardsville Establishes Multicultural Center

The recent ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the opening of the center, a place for anyone to meet and discuss cultural and diversity issues.

SUNY Oswego Honors Diversity with Food Celebrations

The university's Diversity and Inclusion Committee now hosts monthly heritage events where foods from different cultures are presented to students to promote diversity and ethnic awareness across campus.

Auburn U SGA Passes Unisex Restroom Bill

Tabled at an earlier meeting, the bill, which calls for the implementation of unisex restrooms in future buildings, passed favorably through the Student Government Association recently and will benefit a variety of people including families and transgender people.

Luther College Hosts Inaugural Hispanic Heritage Reception

The university's Diversity Center and the Spanish department recently hosted the reception providing the opportunity to appreciate Latino heritage and foster conversation about issues concerning Latino populations.

U Tennessee SGA Passes Gender Neutral Restroom Bill

In early November, the university's Student Government Association voted to pass a bill to implement gender neutral restrooms accessible to all in all buildings across campus.

Arizona State U Student Government Passes Diversity Act

In an effort to change the culture on the subject of diversity, the Tempe Undergraduate Student Government passed the Diversity On Campus Act, which calls for the formation of a volunteer committee that will try to expand the curriculum of university 101 classes to include the subject of diversity.

Princeton U Seeks to Expand Socioeconomic Diversity

One of the university's two new initiatives is an expansion of its partnership with Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA), a national program dedicated to developing the academic and leadership potential of talented high school students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. The other program, Freshman Scholars Institute (FSI), helps admitted students from low-income families and less advantaged backgrounds make the transition to the rigor of Princeton education through a seven-week summer program.

Syracuse U Students Organize Diversity & Transparency Protest

The purpose of the recently held Diversity and Transparency Rally, organized by more than 50 student organizations, was to inform the campus community about issues such as a decrease of diversity and affordability resources, and the university's recent decision to decline divestiture from fossil fuel companies.

U Wisconsin Madison Student Fights for Student Living Wage

Working with the three biggest university employers of students, the student's campaign is based on an estimate of how much students would need to earn per hour in a 15-hour workweek in order to pay back the cost of one year of tuition and fees.

Washington U St. Louis Opens Diversity Center

The university's new Center for Diversity and Inclusion is intended to enhance and strengthen its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community. The center’s staff supports and advocates for students from traditionally underrepresented or marginalized populations and creates collaborative partnerships with campus and community members to promote dialogue and social change.

U Wisconsin Engages Students for Diversity

(U.S.): A new plan addressing five main goals, including promoting diversity values, engaging campus leadership, coordinating planning efforts, and improvement of recruitment and retention of faculty and students, aims to garner ideas and support from students in order to accomplish.

West Virginia U Recognizes Latino Culture on Campus

(U.S.): In an effort to bring awareness to the university's Hispanic and Latino culture, the university's Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hosted a Hispanic Heritage Night, which was organized through the recently initiated student club WVU Hispanic and Latino Association.

Australian National U Works to Improve Diversity

(Australia): The university is updating on-campus accommodations that will attract and include new undergraduate students that are aimed to boost diversity.

Montana Tech U Montana Sees International Diversity

(U.S.): The university will host nearly 200 international students this year from about 20 countries to increase campus diversity.

U Maiduguri Celebrates Diversity

(Nigeria): A diversity festival was recently held at the university with the theme Unity in Diversity. This was a large cultural event on campus that encouraged people to dress in various cultural attires and learn from one another.

U Wisconsin Madison Names New Diversity Committe Chair

Dolly Wang was recently named to chair the committee focused on developing different ways to engage students to become more diverse and embrace diversity within the campus.

Temple U Unveils New Diversity Site

The university rolled out a new website to support its mission to maintain a campus climate that welcomes diversity and will provide easy access to information and resources for those interested in fostering diversity across the campus.

DePauw U Names New Senior Advisor to Promote Diversity

Renee Madison, attorney and associate director of enforcement for the National Collegiate Athletics Association, will now serve on the university’s Cabinet as Senior Advisor to the President for Diversity and Compliance, announced the university’s president this September. She will lead university efforts to promote a campus culture of respect and inclusion.

Missouri U Reignites Diversity Education

The university has brought back the diversity program that was disbanded 15 years ago to discuss topics such as racism, sexism and heterosexism.

Appalachian State U Welcomes Chief Diversity Officer

Bindu Kolli Jayne started as the chief diversity officer and associate vice chancellor for equity, diversity and compliance this past June. Jayne will be responsible for the university’s compliance with laws, regulations and guidelines related to affirmative action, equal opportunity and disability services.

Frederick CC Increases Diversity

Minority students and faculty increased at the community college in the past year, which has spurred the need for a new Office of Diversity director to address this growing change at the campus.

U Washington Educates Students on Diversity

Freshman orientation this fall was met with a new skit, “Our Names, Our Stories,” to educate university students about acceptance with a focus on race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic diversity and gender diversity.

Everett CC Hires First Chief Diversity Officer

(U.S.): After 23 years at Peninsula College, Maria Peña has been hired to build a relationship with local tribes, collaborate with local partners and institutions, and bolster diversity initiatives listed in the strategic plan.

U Chicago Welcomes Underserved Groups

(U.S.): Nearly two years after the university amended its admissions policies, its Class of 2018 welcomed seven students who have received the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status and are legally recognized U.S. residents. DACA status means that these students came to the U.S. as children and meet several other guidelines.

Hilbert College Launches Diversity Committee

Launched in the summer of 2014, the committee's focus, comprised of faculty, staff and students, is to gradually change the culture of campus to be a more inclusive one and provide a diverse and engaging campus experience through education resources, professional development, and a study on the campus culture.

U California Santa Cruz Announces Diversity Certificate Program

This month, the university released the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program, a free professional development opportunity open to all staff and faculty and includes courses covering topics such as disabilities, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, and generational differences.

Inside Higher Ed: LGBTQ Presidents Organize

With the number of openly gay college presidents on the rise, the LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education will host a conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer academics who want to climb the college leadership ladder. The conference, LGBTQ Leaders in Higher Education: Shaping Our Futures, will be held in June 2015.

Virginia Tech Establishes Presidential Diversity Council

(U.S.): The university, where only three percent of the undergraduate student body is Black, according to the latest Department of Education data, has established a new President’s Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council that will oversee all of the university’s diversity efforts.

U California Los Angeles Proposes Student Body Diversity Course

The university is currently drafting a proposal that would require 85 percent of its student body to take a course on diversity issues, including race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and religion, in order to receive a degree.

U Utah Rewrites Fight Song Lyrics

After many changes throughout history, the university's fight song changed again to reflect a more gender-neutral tone, from "our coeds are the fairest” to “our students are the finest” and the line “no other gang of college men” will now be “no rival band of college fans."

NY Times: 'Change Makers Create Cultural Change on Campus'

"From racial and ethnic diversity to an influx of "first generation" students and the challenges of being a low-income student, most college and universities in this country have begun to recognize that the face of higher education is changing. The struggle, however, has been in how to accommodate or support these students." This New York Times article highlights Northwestern University's actions toward shifting its values to change its culture.

CC System of New Hampshire Reduces Tuition

In an effort to address higher education affordability, the system's new board of trustees president recently announced a five percent tuition reduction for all state community colleges due to the restoration of money to the state's budget.

City U New York Releases Faculty Diversity Strategic Plan

The new plan includes three goals with complementary objectives and strategies for achievement for each. The plan was developed by the university's Diversity Advisory Council.

Colorado Signs Affordability Bill into Law

The recently signed bill will allocate an additional $100 million in state funding for Colorado’s colleges and universities to help offset several years of recession-driven cuts. As part of the legislation, Colorado’s universities and colleges agreed not to raise tuition by more than six percent a year.

Virginia to Give Some Undocumented Immigrants State Student Aid

A recent official announcement in Hindi, Korean, Spanish and English indicated Virginia residents who qualify for the federal government's "deferred action" program for immigrants without legal documentation can qualify for state financial aid.

West Liberty U Unveils Affordability Plan for Underserved

(U.S.): The recently offered program is aimed at first-generation college students, older students, working adults, veterans and transfer students who are especially susceptible to the rising price of college.

Bentley U Remakes Disability Icon

With assistance from the university's Diversity Mini-Grant program, the Accessible Icon Project will repaint handicap parking spots on campus with an icon that represents independence and abilities of individuals who use wheelchairs.

Belmont Abbey College Focuses on Affordability

A recent move to shrink general administrative costs by $1 million annually builds on the 33 percent tuition reduction last year to help the college focus on student learning and affordability.

Oregon Passes 2 Bills to Help Students Through Higher Education

The two bills, recently signed into law by the governor, are intended to help low-income students attain a higher education credential. One bill asks for a study on the feasibility of providing free community college classes to Oregon high school graduates. The other sets aside $750,000 for low-income families.

San Diego State U Bolsters Support for Diversity Achievement

A recent university program, Aztec Scholars, reaches out to potential African American and American Indian students offering them a community of support to help them through their college career and successful graduation.