San Diego CC District Increases Minimum Wage to $30 Per Hour

Agreed to in partnership with the district’s labor unions and effective Jan. 1, 2024, the minimum wage was increased to $30.58 per hour for all permanent employees, a living wage as defined by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Living Wage Calculator. In addition, minimum wages for temporary employees increased to $22.31 per hour.

AASHE Publishes 2023 Higher Education Staffing Report

Using data provided through AASHE's Higher Education Staffing Survey, the 2023 Salaries & Status of Sustainability Professionals in Higher Education Report examines the nature of sustainability positions at colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada and other countries. The report provides insights into salaries, funding, supervision, job satisfaction, challenges and more. Among the key findings, there was an increase in responses from chief sustainability officers and sustainability directors, and 73 percent of respondents indicated their position was housed in an office or unit with sustainability in its name, compared to 68 percent in 2020.

U Notre Dame Announces $25M Compensation Commitment

The university's president recently announced a historic $25 million commitment to increase the base compensation for eligible hourly and salary university staff, faculty and student workers. Eligible faculty and staff will receive a three percent raise while staff hourly wages will be raised to a minimum of $17.50 per hour. Student hourly employees will be paid a starting wage of $15 per hour. About 6,000 employees will benefit from this commitment.

CUPA-HR Publishes 2022 Higher Ed Workforce Data

CUPA-HR's recently released report analyzes data on overall higher ed pay increases and changes in workforce size for 2021-22.

Catawba College Increases Minimum Wage

In an ongoing effort to promote a thriving workplace, the college raised the minimum wage in early March to $15 an hour for all college non-student staff. This is the second increase to the college’s minimum wage in the last six months.

Scotland’s Colleges Achieve Living Wage Accreditation

(Scotland) Scotland's colleges recently received accreditation as Living Wage Employers. The commitment means that all staff, whether directly employed or contracted via a third party, will receive upwards of the current hourly rate of $13.11 (9.50 British pounds).