UC Santa Barbara Receives $50 M Grant for Energy Research

(U.S.): The university has received a $50 million private donation to support energy efficiency research and engineering programs. About half the money will be used to construct a building to house the Institute for Energy Efficiency, an interdisciplinary research center.

Western Kentucky Receives Grant to Market Local Food

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded the university’s Office of Sustainability and the Community Farmers Market (CMU) more than $82,000 in grant funds to help promote the "Local Food for Everyone" program. The two organizations will collaborate on a project that serves as a tool for educating regional farmers and consumers about the variety of locally grown foods.

Syracuse U Receives EPA Grant to Support Environmental Education

The Syracuse Center of Excellence Center for Sustainable Community Solutions will use the $130,000 grant to award approximately 30 grants to schools and community organizations to support projects to reduce the run-off of polluted rainwater and promote municipal waste reduction, recycling and composting. The program is designed to improve connections between organizations and school districts, encourage development of community-based projects and provide career development for students.

U Arizona Introduces Mini Sustainability Grants

In an effort to promote small sustainability projects on campus, the Green Fund Committee has set up a new mini-grants program intended to fund small-scale projects led by students and faculty. Each project has a funding cap of $1,500. The Green Fund Committee has allocated a total of $20,000 per fiscal year to be used for these projects.

Humboldt State U Receives Grant to Expand Recycling Operations

The university is one of 13 recipients of the 2012/2013 Beverage Container Recycling grant, awarded by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. The $76,265 grant will be used to purchase new recycling bins and signs, and to fund an outreach and education campaign to increase recycling.

Green Mountain College Receives Grant for Renewable Energy Lab

(U.S.): The college has received a grant of $15,000 from the Duke Energy Foundation for the college’s renewable energy and ecological design (REED) program to develop a digital fabrication laboratory called FabLab. The lab will provide students, local high school students and adults with the infrastructure to acquire skills using digital fabrication technologies.

Marietta College Receives Grant to Add Sustainable Living Option

(U.S.): The $25,000 Higher Education Grant from the Dominion Foundation will be used to convert an existing dormitory into a more sustainable living environment. Initial plans call for solar panels and energy produced by a wind turbine. Students participating in the energy systems minor will be likely candidates to live in the dorm.

Michigan State U Launches Sustainability Project Funding

(U.S.): The Office of Sustainability has launched Be Spartan Green Student Project Fund, a program that will provide financial support for students to explore solutions to sustainability challenges at the university. Up to $5,000 will be awarded to each selected project.

RIT Creates Center for Sustainable Packaging

(U.S.): Gifts totaling $2.2 million will help to create the Center for Sustainable Packaging, an education and research center dedicated to the development and use of sustainable packaging. The center will be a testing ground for ideas and solutions for students, researchers, faculty and corporate partners that are interested in sustainable packaging.

U Minnesota Receives $13 M to Focus on Sustainable Research

(U.S.): The Department of Chemistry has received $13.1 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to fund two centers that could potentially reduce carbon emissions and make solar energy more efficient. Both centers will focus on theoretical chemistry to sequester carbon dioxide and develop programs to find better ways to capture solar energy.

DOE Announces University-led Solar Power Projects

As part of its SunShot Initiative, which aims to drive solar energy to be cost-competitive with other energy sources by 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy has announced new investments totaling $10 million over five years for two university-led projects to advance solar power system technologies. The University of California, Los Angeles will lead a team of researchers from Yale University and the University of California, Berkley to investigate liquid metals as potential heat transfer fluids. The University of Arizona will partner with researchers from Arizona State University and Georgia Tech to develop and demonstrate new, molten salt-based fluids as possible alternatives to traditional heat transfer fluids.

Arizona State U to Receives $3 M for Alternative Energy Program

The National Science Foundation grant will go toward the development of a doctoral program in energy and establishing the Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Solar Utilization Network (SUN) program. Focusing on biological conversion, photovoltaics, solar thermal and sustainable policy, the program will provide the groundwork for the Global Institute of Sustainability's planned doctoral program by 2016.

Bellevue College Awarded $815K for Campus Energy Makeover

The Washington State Department of Commerce grant will go toward campus-wide lighting retrofits, low-flow water fixtures and HVAC improvements. The project will also include a solar array and an energy-monitoring dashboard, both funded in partnership with the student environmental sustainability fund.

UC Santa Cruz Receives USDA Grant for Organic Farming Curriculum

A grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will be used to teach organic farming techniques to students enrolled in the university’s Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems apprenticeship program. The grant will also allow the Ecological Farming Association, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, and the California Certified Organic Farmers to collaborate on the apprenticeship project.

Hartwick College Receives Watershed Education Grant

The Pine Lake Institute for Environmental and Sustainability Studies has received a three-year, $201,000 grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to engage faculty and students in efforts to increase knowledge, understanding and action in order to protect and maintain the Upper Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay watersheds.

Southern Oregon U Receives Grant to Explore Biomass Generation

The $250,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will allow the university to determine the feasibility of using wood pellets, slash and other byproducts from nearby forests to generate heat and electricity on its Ashland campus. The study will also determine whether the recommended 1.2 megawatt biomass co-generation system will meet Department of Environmental Quality and other regulatory agency requirements. If built, the power plant could generate 100 percent of the current campus electrical need.

Catawba College Creates Clean Energy Revolving Fund

Over the next four years, the college will set aside $400,000 to provide the principal for a new green revolving fund that will loan money to finance on-campus investments in clean energy and efficiency projects. The college has also joined the Sustainable Endowments Institute's (SEI) Billion Dollar Green Challenge, which promotes turning energy efficiency projects into long-term financial investments.

Higher Ed Endowments Lagging in Sustainable Investments

Once a leader in adopting environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria in their investments, higher education endowments in the U.S. are now lagging behind mainstream institutional investors, reports a recent GreenBiz.com article. Informed by a new, joint report from the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute and Tellus Institute, the article says one indicator of the failure of college and university endowments to keep up is the absence of these institutions as signatories to key institutional networks like the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment and the Council of Institutional Investors. U.S. college and university endowments control more than $400 billion in combined assets.

U Texas El Paso to Develop Green Energy Manufacturing Courses

A $2.5 million U.S. Department of Education grant will fund a five-year collaboration between the university's Department of Industrial, Manufacturing and Systems Engineering and Drexel University that will integrate green energy manufacturing courses into the curriculum at both universities. The courses will incorporate technology-based and real-world problem solving.

Concordia U Receives $1.6 M for Renewable Energy Research

The university’s Institute in Energy, Water and Sustainability has received a $1,643,700 grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to train approximately 20 students a year in research areas including the production of renewable energy and the optimization of water usage in industry.

SUNY Canton Receives $6.6 M for Wind Turbine Project

Funded by the New York Power Authority, the university will design and, if approved, construct a 2.8-megawatt wind turbine. The project is expected to provide up to one-third of the electricity needed to power the campus and provide educational opportunities for students.

Cornell U Announces Funding for Sustainable Projects

Provided by the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future’s academic venture fund, the university has announced $735,000 in awards for 10 cross-disciplinary sustainability science research projects. Winning proposals include the sustainable production of green vegetable crops in sub-Saharan Africa; improving energy costs and scalability of algal biofuels; developing species-specific and environmentally friendly insect control; energy harvesting from high-density, small-scale turbines in urban areas; assessing mycotoxin exposure in pregnant Zimbabwean women; and climate protection as a driver for job creation for New York state.

Duke U Adopts Investment Guidelines on Conflict Minerals

A student-led effort to tie the university’s investment guidelines to the issue of conflict minerals has received the backing of the Board of Trustees. A resolution was approved that authorizes the university’s investment arm to adopt a proxy voting guideline for investments in which the university has direct ownership. The guideline stipulates that the university will vote in favor of "well-written and reasonable shareholder resolutions that ask companies for reports on their policies and efforts regarding their avoidance of conflict minerals and conflict mineral derivatives."

Energy Department Announces $56 M toward Solar Research

Spanning 13 states for a total of $56 million over three years, the research projects will be conducted in partnership with universities, private industry and national laboratories. The awards support the department's SunShot Initiative, a collaborative national effort to make solar power cost-competitive with traditional energy sources by the end of the decade.

Report Calls for Sustained Investment in Higher Education

In the face of major challenges including decreased state funding, a recent National Research Council report argues that a larger commitment is needed from state and federal governments in public and private universities. Including policy principles like revitalizing and redefining the partnership between the federal government, state governments, research universities, and businesses, "Research Universities and the Future of America: Ten Breakthrough Actions Vital to Our Nation’s Prosperity and Security" calls for a larger commitment from state and federal governments in exchange for greater efficiency and more openness to collaboration with businesses on the part of universities.

6 Students Awarded Community Sustainability Fellowships

Furman University (South Carolina), Duke University (North Carolina) and Vanderbilt University (Tennessee) will share a $75,000 grant from the Piedmont Natural Gas Foundation to support student fellowships in community sustainability, research and service. Two undergraduate Duke fellows will work with the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative to install energy efficiency upgrades in 15 local homes; two Furman fellows will help implement a Sustainability Action Plan for the City of Greenville and work with the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities to advance sustainable forestry; and two Vanderbilt fellows will provide research and recommendations for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) in the Office of Sustainable Practices, and work with the Green Initiatives division of TDEC to create a Governor’s Sustainability Statement.

Texas A&M Announces Green Fee Projects

(U.S.): The university has announced $335,000 in awards for campus sustainability projects including the installation of bike racks, high-tech recycling bins and more water-bottle filling stations; the creation of an educational organic agriculture facility that will use solar and rainwater technologies; and a project to recapture and preserve open green spaces. The funding comes from a $3 per semester student green fee.

U Plymouth Receives Funding to Start Local Food-Growing Network

(U.K.): The National Union of Students has received more than £260,000 in funding from Local Food, a £57.5 million program supported by the Big Lottery Fund, which provides funding for projects working to make local food more accessible and affordable to communities. The money will be spent on creating a network of 18 new local food-growing projects on campuses across the country.

Western Michigan U Announces Student Sustainability Grants

(U.S.): The university’s Student Sustainability Grant Program has awarded $10,928 to four projects including carbon-neutral USB-drives, a sustainability-focused student orientation, and a prototype of a hybrid solar updraft tower.

Indiana U-Purdue U Indianapolis Awards 2012 Green Grants

The university’s Office of Sustainability has awarded a total of $46,000 in Greening IUPUI grants. The nine projects, including native and urban gardens, increasing sustainability-related educational opportunities and developing sustainable best practices, will begin this spring.

Slippery Rock U Receives $15K for Energy Dashboards

The West Penn Power Sustainability Fund grant will enable the university to purchase six energy dashboard touch screens to track energy consumption in residence halls and act as an energy conservation education and awareness tool. If successful in meeting a 3 percent energy usage savings projection, the university could save an estimated $1.5 million over 10 years.

Southern Alberta Institute of Tech to Debut Green Design Lab

With an $800,000 grant from the federal College-Industry Innovation Fund, the institute will construct a new lab from reclaimed shipping containers for environmentally friendly construction research. The lab will include solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, a green roof and rainwater collection basin.

NSF Provides $3.3 M for Solar Energy Research, Curriculum

(U.S.): The National Science Foundation has given $3.3 million to the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Texas at El Paso to establish a materials science and engineering program that will focus on solar energy research. The partnership will give students the opportunity to pursue photovoltaic materials research at either campus.

U California Berkeley Announces 2012 TGIF Awards

Twenty-two projects will receive a total of $308,630 from The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) this year, the most funding awarded in one grant year. TGIF provides funding for projects that reduce the university's negative impact on the environment and make the campus more sustainable. This year’s amount puts TGIF over the million dollar mark in total grant funding awarded over five years.

U California Santa Barbara Receives $50 M for Energy Research

The private donation will be used to help construct an interdisciplinary Institute for Energy Efficiency research center.

Slippery Rock U Announces Latest Round of Green Grant Funds

Four new Green Fund grants totaling $39,590 will go toward the purchase of energy monitors for residence halls; the installation of an electric meter to measure the effectiveness of energy initiatives in campus buildings; and fund two projects titled “Harnessing Human Energy” and "2012 Campus Conversation on Climate Change and Regional Policy: An Exercise in Deliberative Democracy."

U Pennsylvania Announces Green Fund Award Recipients

Ranging from a comprehensive recycling center within the School of Engineering and Applied Science to a behavior change project focusing on water conservation, the university's Green Campus Partnership has named five sustainability projects that will receive spring funding.

U Michigan Planet Blue Announces Student Project Grants

Out of 22 concept proposals submitted for consideration, four student-led sustainability projects have received financial support from the university’s Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund. Selected projects include a reusable containers program, bicycle repair station, sustainable food kiosk and a student-run campus farm.

Washington State U Receives $5M Donation to Expand Campus Farm

The gift from alumni and natural foods entrepreneurs Chuck and Louanna Eggert will expand the university’s organic farm from four acres to nearly 30 acres.

Udall Foundation Announces 2012 Scholars

(U.S.): Eighty students from 70 colleges and universities will receive up to $5,000 each and assemble in August to meet policymakers and community leaders in environmental fields, tribal health care and governance. Sixty-eight of this year's scholars intend to pursue careers related to the environment and 12 Native American/Alaska Native scholars intend to pursue careers in tribal public policy and health care.

U Queensland Awarded $10 M for Sustainability Research Center

(Australia): Funded through a Dow Chemical Company contribution worth $10 million over the next six years, the university will establish the Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation. The center will pursue research and collaborations aimed at confronting large-scale sustainability challenges.

U South Florida Announces Green Energy Fund Awards

The university's Student Green Energy Fund Council has awarded a total of $269,510 to five approved proposals for energy-conserving projects around campus. Projects include the installation of lighting controls; software that will put computers in sleep mode when not in use; and upgrades to a campus building's heating, ventilation and cooling system.

Arizona State U Receives $27.5 M for Sustainability Efforts

The university’s Global Institute for Sustainability will use the gift from the Rob and Melani Walton Fund to develop and deploy solutions to sustainability challenges including energy, water, environment, climate, urbanization, social transformation and decision-making in local, national and global contexts. The fund will support sustainability efforts, which also include educating future leaders in sustainability, over the next five years.

U California Santa Barbara Announces Green Grant Awards

Thirteen projects were selected to receive awards totaling $172,932 including four solar power array installations, a website that will allow the campus community to track energy use, hydration stations and a Green Gateway procurement program.

U Florida Student Senate Passes Green Energy Fund

The unanimously passed fund will be used for student-proposed projects to lower energy consumption and electricity costs on campus. The $6 per semester fee is expected to generate $600,000 annually.

Arizona State U Announces Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund

Individuals or departments at Arizona State University can submit proposals for its new Sustainability Initiatives Revolving Fund. The funds will be invested in campus projects like community gardens, motion-detecting lighting systems, energy metering projects and thermal insulations for cooling and heating pipes.

U Michigan Receives $10 M for New Sustainability Fellowship

(U.S.): The university plans to host 300 sustainability scholars over the next six years to study sustainability as it relates to energy, climate change, water, food, housing, transportation and health. The Dow Chemical Company gift will help launch one- and two-year fellowships for master's, doctoral and postdoctoral students, and support a lecture series focused on sharing sustainability research and best practices.

U Iowa Receives Grant to Explore Biofuels for Campus Power Plant

A $25,000 grant from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture will help the University of Iowa locate and procure sources of biomass fuel to replace coal at the main power plant. Several working groups will study different types of renewable biofuels including invasive plants, switchgrass and miscanthus grass.

U Maryland College Park Announces Sustainability Fund Awards

The University of Maryland College Park has announced $130,000 in Sustainability Fund awards. Supported by a student sustainability fee, the fund will aid composting, wind, green roof, food recovery and aquaponics research this year, among other projects.

Florida A&M U Passes Student Green Energy Fund

Florida A&M University has passed a new Student Green Energy Fund. Between 25 cents and $1 per credit hour will be paid by each student toward energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on campus. The fund is sponsored by the university’s Green Coalition, which works with campus officials to create a more sustainable campus.