Stanford U Forms New Student Working Group

Beginning in fall 2015, the university created the new Student Sustainability Working Group to support the culture of student innovation and collaboration, and ensure a cohesive approach to university sustainability. Each month the group brings students and staff together to share updates, solicit project feedback and brainstorm partnership opportunities.

U Illinois Chicago Internship Raises Monarch Butterflies on Campus

Student interns at the university's UIC Heritage Garden, funded via the university's sustainability fee, recently released the last of the monarch butterflies they raised this summer and fall. The UIC Heritage Garden an ecology and sustainability-focused internship program that creates and maintains gardens on campus. Photo credit:

U British Columbia Volunteers Promote Zero Waste Goals

Supporting the university's zero waste action plan, volunteers and Sustainability Coordinator Program staff work with Ceremonies and Events to educate attendees about sorting their disposables. At a recent event with 4,000 participants, a desk bin-sized trash bag was remaining after composting and recycling everything else.

rootAbility Earns International Accolades for University Green Office Program

The U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-Japan (UNESCO-Japan) prize for outstanding projects related to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) was recently awarded to rootAbility for its Green Office Model, which began at Maastricht University in 2010 and now has 14 green offices at 14 universities in six countries. rootAbility was awarded $50,000 for the honor.

U Colorado Boulder Athletics Expands Sports Sustainability Programs

Kicking off the 2015 home football season, CU Athletics introduced new programs that encourage recycling, using alternative transportation and reducing water consumption. Bring Your Bottle Back to Life, a partnership with PepsiCo, gives away T-shirts made with 50 percent recycled plastic fibers each time the Colorado Buffaloes score a touchdown.

Michigan State U Announces Student Solar Design Competition

In an effort to address some of the most urgent environmental issues facing our world today, the university is inviting students across the state to design a dynamic solar installation that values both aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. With $10,000 in total prizes, the competition recognizes students who are advancing sustainability through their commitment to clean energy innovation.

U California Merced Student Proposal Amplifies Student Engagement

Winning the first-ever Chancellor's Advisory Committee's Sustainability Proposal Writing Contest, undergraduate student Andrew John De Los Santos' proposal includes providing information to residence halls during move-in and providing "triple zero" workshops. Triple Zero is the university's pledge to consume zero net energy, produce zero waste and zero net greenhouse gas emissions, all by 2020.

Michigan State U Students Establish Beehive in Campus Neighborhood

The university's Bee Club is combining pollinator research and student learning by engaging Bailey Hall residents with a honeybee hive atop their green roof. The honeybee hive is providing students with a unique opportunity to manage a fully-functional colony and helping to diminish the fear associated with these critical pollinators.

Elmhurst College Expands Campus Garden

Tended by students, faculty, staff and volunteers, the college's Heritage Garden quadrupled in size this year and produces organic food for campus and local food banks. The garden has also become a research laboratory and service learning experience for local community members from a boys and girls home.

U Albany to Host Sustainability Leadership Summit

During the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students Leadership Summit in early August, graduate student leaders from across the nation will convene to discuss the principles of leadership used to advance university sustainability capacity and how the principles can be applied to student governance.

Maharishi U Management Holds Inaugural Deep Sustainability Discussion

Hosted in June 2015, the Colloquy on Deep Sustainability was a closed discussion in order to distill the meaning of the term deep sustainability, how it differs from similar concepts and systems, and what a future with deep sustainability at its core should look like. Topics included philosophy, spirituality, mathematics, ecology, economics, governments and societies.

Maharishi U Management Holds Green Business Symposium

At its third annual Deep Green Business Symposium, the university focused on Global Green Opportunities and Technologies with 16 speakers discussing subjects including community development, optimization of a product’s life cycle, and philosophies of sustainability.

U Southern California Introduces Green Teams

Promoting environmental sustainability within athletics, the Green Teams Program, part of the Office of Sustainability, recently honored three teams, women's sand volleyball, women's rowing and men's club lacrosse, for their consideration of transportation, waste, energy and water impact, and food consumption. The program has four tiers of certification and seeks to highlight best practices.

Boston U Publishes 2014 Sustainability Report

The recently published report indicates the university has reached it's greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals six years early, along with a 13 percent reduction in waste from 2006 to 2014. The report also discusses achievements and future work in the areas of curriculum, buildings, climate, dining services, grounds and purchasing.

U Florida Tackles Student Hunger With Food Pantry

The university will soon open its first food pantry in summer 2015 to provide food-insecure campus members with nonperishable and fresh goods from the on-campus farm. The pantry will also provide the campus community with education tools to improve their lifestyle, including cooking and nutrition classes for people who want to establish healthier eating habits.

Maharishi U Management Student New Fermented Foods Business

After taking a course in soil ecology, Daniel Gorman became interested in the body's balance of bacteria and developed a new packaged product of fermented vegetables that boosts gut flora.

Net Impact's Small Steps, Big Wins Announces Winners

For the third year, students around the world proved that a big difference can start with a small step. Over the course of the 2014-15 academic year, almost 5,000 students across 71 campuses completed 113,000 small actions, ranging from recycling and taking public transit to volunteering in their communities.

U Washington Awards Environmental Grants to Students

The university's Campus Sustainability Fund awarded 13 projects a total of more than $270,000 recently. The project included outreach on the harmful effects of single-use water bottles, an expansion of a native plant nursery, a wood salvage program on campus, and starting work toward creating a sustainable shellfish aquaculture farm.

Northwestern U Awards Second Largest Office Green Certification

The university's Green Office Certification program brought together the Alumni Relations and Development department, employing 252 people, to increase awareness and participation in sustainable behavior. The department is in the process of creating a bike-share program and expanding the availability of reusable silverware and flatware for the office.

The Atlantic Frames Student Activism Renaissance

After citing many occurrences of student unrest at universities and colleges across the country and world, the recent article in The Atlantic highlights the social activism in topics ranging from sex and racism to university governance and student rights.

U Maryland Small Footprint Pledge Tallies Over 3,500 Pledges in First Year

In less than a year, the cumulative impact of the pledge, which asks university students, faculty, staff and visitors to change one aspect of their daily routine to lessen their environmental footprint, includes 23,367 pounds of diverted waste, over 5 million gallons of water saved, and 274,136 pounds of carbon dioxide saved.

Michigan State U Celebrates Campus Sustainability

On April 22, university members celebrated the 45th anniversary of Earth Day at its 2015 Be Spartan Green Gala by dispensing Be Spartan Green Outstanding Awards to staff, students, faculty and campus partners who have demonstrated their support of sustainability on campus.

U South Carolina Integrates Hydroponics Into Community Farm

Completely assembled and operated by students, the soil-less growing system for their community farm and garden, based on permaculture practices, is expected to produce nearly $20,000 in annual revenue within 12 months. The farm produces sorghum, milkweed, mushrooms, heirloom seeds, and over 72 heads of lettuce per week.

Schools Save $290,000 in Campus Conservation Nationals

345,000 students and staff at 125 schools competed in the fifth year of Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) to reduce energy and water use. Schools reduced by a total of 1.9 million-kilowatt hours and 394,000 gallons of water.

Indiana U Bloomington Focuses on Reducing Paper Use

After quantifying the resource input for the university's paper consumption on campus, the university will be hosting a paperless challenge in the fall that awards points to departments, groups and buildings for specific actions and implementation of innovative ideas to reduce paper use.

MIT Announces Earth Day 2015 Grant Recipients

Eleven projects and events were chosen to receive Earth Day 2015 grants for promoting campus sustainability and they include furniture rehabilitation, water learning laboratory, waste initiatives, and an environmental film festival.

U California Santa Cruz Hosts 14th Annual Earth Summit

The first woman of color to hold the Chancellor's Undergraduate Intern for the Student Environmental Movement prompted the annual summit to bring more focus on environmental justice by bringing awareness to the connection between climate change, exploitation, racism and anti-immigration.

U Illinois Chicago Team Wins EPA Environmental Challenge

In the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Rainworks Challenge, a team of urban planning, civil engineering and environmental sciences students submitted a planning process that demonstrates an incremental, scalable and adaptive approach to implementing green infrastructure in a highly urbanized context, using the east side of the campus as a model.

U Maryland Team Wins EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a University of Maryland team as a winner of its third annual Campus RainWorks Challenge, a design competition created to engage college and university students in reinventing water infrastructure. Student teams across the country proposed innovative green infrastructure designs to reduce stormwater pollution and develop sustainable communities.

U California Irvine Student Uses Art to Inspire Climate Activism

In art student Kathleen Deck's "Conservation Through Creation” art installation, a section of lawn won’t be watered for a month. The idea is to return an artificial environment to its natural state, and start a discussion about how the changing climate can affect water use and the fragile environment that people have created. Deck is one of 37 UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative Fellows.

Indiana U Participates in Campus Kitchen Project

In January 2014, students and staff at IUPUI participated in the Campus Kitchen Project's first-ever video competition and won $5,000 to start a food recovery and redistribution operation. Since then, they've coordinated with dining services, created partnerships with other community organizations, and recruited excited volunteers.

U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Honors Certified Green Office Program Winners

On Earth Day, April 22, 2015, the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) announced award winners for its 2014-15 Certified Green Office Program on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. Twenty-four participating offices collected hardware for making commitments toward and achieving energy and resource reductions during the school year.

Emory U Program Creates Local Food Accessibility

The university's new Emory Local Roots program launched in 2014 is a student-run initiative that elevates the university community's awareness of the benefits of consuming locally produced foods and making such products easily available to students. Beginning fall semester, students will be able to purchase a range of local produce on campus.

Rice U Prepares for Seventh Year of Farm to Fork Dinner

The upcoming spring 2015’s Farm to Fork Dinner has an expected attendance of over 80 students and discussion leaders now in its seventh year. The university’s Real Food Revolution, an organization which seeks to increase awareness in regards to local foods, is hosting the dinner on April 25.

Central Carolina CC New Farm Manager Driven by Sustainability Goals

As a certified permaculture designer, James Fry has a passion for deliberate ecological design, which integrates human needs with natural systems and cycles. He uses permaculture planning for long-term productivity and functionality with relatively little human intervention, helping reduce dependence on purchased products and making basic human needs more readily available.

Arizona State University Students “Ditch the Dumpster” on Earth Day

Ditch the Dumpster targets diversion and donations to local non-profits. Students can clean out their residence halls and deliver most items to Big Brothers Big Sisters collection boxes. Larger, unwanted items are brought to locations across all four university campuses.

Hope College Hosts Inaugural Dorm Sustainability Competition

The first-ever Dorm Sustainability Competition included bulletin boards and posters, posts and pictures that led to creative competitions like shower races.

Maharishi U Management Students Recycle Abandoned Bikes

Over 50 abandoned bikes were recently gathered up by students, with plans to fix them and make them available to students for a very low cost. Leading the repair initiative is work/study student Flo Bannout. If no one reported a missing bike, then Ms. Bannout began fixing it for eventual redistribution to students who need bikes.

U Buffalo Hosts First Sustainability Summit on Earth Day

In an effort to further campus sustainability, the goal of the summit is to to embed sustainable thinking, practices and decision-making throughout the university via an integrated sustainability strategy.

Manhattan College Students Find Green Solutions for Earth Day

Students enrolled in the college's newly launched Environmental Science program will take a new approach to their studies by learning how to convert discarded eggshells into biodiesel fuel, among other eco-friendly skills, with a series of events for Earth Day.

Emory U Enhances Student Experience Through Water Reclamation Facility

The university's water reclamation plant is the newest facility being used to enhance student learning and the student experience as interdisciplinary interest surges around the center, allowing faculty members to integrate its resources into undergraduate and graduate classes and research.

Furman U Celebrates STARS Rating With Gold Star Cake

On confirmation of an AASHE STARS gold rating, Furman celebrated with a dessert event on March 24th. Part of Earth Week programming, student assessment fellows offered remarks and presented a gold, star-shaped cake to President Elizabeth Davis. The event was was part of a campus-wide campaign to thank data contributors and educate campus about STARS-related successes and opportunities.

Rochester Institute of Tech Reduces Waste & Helps Hungry

The university's new program is an effort to alleviate student hunger and food insecurity and maximize sustainably efforts on campus. RIT FoodShare is about sharing what we have with those around us, building community, and enhancing sustainability. It aims to make the most of our pooled resources so that nothing goes to waste and students do not go hungry.

U California Santa Barbara Goes Lights Out

Spurred on by the slogan "Gauchos Do It in the Dark," the residents of eight dorms at the Santa Barbara campus cut their electricity use by nearly 8 percent during a Feb. 16-March 8 competition, inching ahead of other University of California undergraduate campuses.

U Northern Iowa Hosts Regional Sustainability Conference

The University of Northern Iowa is hosting its second regional sustainability conference, "Environmental Equity and Resilience in the Cedar Valley and Beyond." This conference focuses on actions needed to envision a sustainable world and the transformation needed to create it. The conference includes a keynote speaker and a variety of breakout sessions focusing on food issues, policy concerns, natural energy, and resources and health topics.

U Kentucky Engages Students Through Sustainability Internship

A new partnership with the university's Office of Sustainability now allows up to six students in any academic program to participate in a year-long, 10-hour per week internship in the areas of energy, waste, transportation, food, urban forests, and water systems.

Indiana U Students Call for More Sustainability Awareness

(U.S.): The university's Residence Hall Association recently passed a unanimous resolution that proposes a sustainability section be added to the A-Z Guide to Furnished Apartment and Residence Hall that will contain information pertaining to the university sustainability office, energy and water use, and recycling.

Six Vermont Schools Participate in Food System Tour

(U.S.): As part of an effort to study local and global food systems, students from around the U.S. will visit Green Mountain College, Middlebury College, Sterling College, University of Vermont, Vermont Law School, and Vermont Technical College. The 21-day tour explores urban food systems, the local dairy industry and carbon economy, food system advocacy in the context of genetically-modified food, conservation, and climate change and its impacts on global food system.

Trent U Plows Student Operated Farm

(Canada): Spearheaded by the university's Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Society, the student-run, 3-acre plot will provide a variety of organic vegetables for use in cafeterias across campus.

U Alberta Bolsters Participation in Earth Hour

(Canada): The university is hosting an online platform that 13 schools participating in the 2015 Earth Hour will use to gauge the school with the highest percentage per capita of participation.