Loyola U Students Help Lower Avian Mortality

In a concerted effort to reduce avian mortality on three of the university's buildings, service-learning students enrolled in the spring 2013 SOAR (Student Operation for Avian Relief) program designed a plan that includes nets and usage of the building's automation system to lower blinds during early morning hours.

North Carolina State U Homecoming Becomes Sustainable Certified

Through the university's Sustainability Office, the fall event earned the highest achievement, Wolfpack-Certified Green Champion Level, for its efforts to reduce event waste, including parade materials, offer healthy food options and donating leftover food, and community engagement.

U Nebraska Lincoln Begins Student Engagement Campaign

Students of the campus' Association of Students of the University of Nebraska are hosting events that engage on-campus residents to reduce energy consumption, discuss campus sustainability, and further Dining Services food waste diversion and recycling program.

U Wyoming Releases Walking Tour

The newly released self-guided walking tour highlights LEED-certified buildings and a student farm.

Wesleyan U Uses App for Sustainability Contest

A fresh effort to engage students in campus sustainability and learn how social media can promote behavior change, the JouleBug Sustainability Contest used the mobile application to track environmentally-friendly efforts, such using a reusable mug.

Southern Illinois U Edwardsville Hosts Sustainability Art Exhibit

The new two-week long exhibition at the university's Center for Spirituality and Sustainability will pay homage to the designer of the domed center, Buckminster Fuller, through its geometry, spirituality and sustainability theme.

U Texas Austin Students Plant On-Campus Farm

The new green-fee funded Micro Farm is the university's first student-run operation where students grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs for university dining halls, a local food shelter and an onsite farm stand.

U West Florida Students Begin USGBC Chapter

In hopes of creating an environmentally-friendly campus, the new U.S. Green Building Council student club's first project will be construction of an Earthship structure composed of compacted dirt and used tires, which will be used as a seating area outside of the science and engineering building for campus members to create community.

Duke U Arts Festival Centers Around Sustainability

The annual festival's thematic choice this year is sustainability in order to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and expand the boundaries of artistic endeavors on campus. Organizers' intention is for participants to consider how creativity can galvanize sustainable behaviors.

Portland State U Questions Oppression in Sustainability Movement

The university's new Social Sustainability Month theme for 2013-14 is Decolonizing Sustainability: Unsettling the Dominant Paradigm, a focal point that encourages consideration of how the mainstream environmental and sustainability movements may perpetuate historical systems of oppression, colonization and domination.

Wesleyan U Students and Faculty Re-Envision 'The Commons'

As part of the university's College of the Environment year-long academic think tank on critical environmental issues, students and faculty discuss management of common property from an interdisciplinary perspective involving humanities and performing arts. The think tank will conjoin its scholarly work with the efforts of student sustainability groups like the Long Lane Farm Club, WILDWes and WesFresh.

Students Organize Around Campus Food Day 2013

(U.S.): Campus Food Day was celebrated recently at 350 U.S. colleges and universities. The event mobilized students to unify the food movement and launch efforts to change food policies on campus through events such as lectures, documentary screenings and petitions. Johns Hopkins University, Northeastern University and The University of Massachusetts, Amherst signed onto the Real Food Campus Commitment, pledging to source 20 percent of its food from local, fair, sustainable and humane farms and food businesses. As of Campus Food Day, 22 institutions have signed the Real Food Campus Commitment.

Concordia U Students Learn About Homelessness

In an effort to understand the plight of the homeless demographic, students organized an event in which they built cardboard shanties that they slept in overnight and spent time serving the homeless.

Penn State Students Aid in Stormwater Infrastructure Rebuilding

Students from the university's architecture program, staff and community volunteers worked with the Penn State Cooperative Extension and Public Media to rebuild one of the city's rain gardens and stormwater remediation areas. The project was part of an outreach effort for Penn State Public Media’s documentary "Water Blues, Green Solutions," which aims to encourage public education and awareness of green infrastructure.

Western Illinois U Celebrates First Sustainability Day

Hosted by the University Sustainability Committee and Facilities Management, the inaugural event will encourage campus members to implement sustainability to promote financial savings.

Columbia College Expands Paper-Fiber Teaching Garden

The newly expanded teaching garden features a rainwater cistern system and showcases natural and sustainably-grown plants whose fibers are used for paper making.

Temple U Students Create Health-Focused Teaching Garden

The recently renovated community garden, now focused on teaching the importance of healthy food choices, is the home of vegetables and herbs planted and grown by student volunteers.

U Toronto Launches 'Faces of Sustainability'

The university's sustainability office's new the bi-monthly feature recognizes the individuals who are contributing to campus sustainability, bridging dialogue across campus with varying stakeholders.

Binghamton U Students Grow Food for Campus

Operated by students, the two-acre university Acres Farm Project brings pesticide-free food to campus and is given out for free.

New Mexico State U Maps Outdoor Recycling Bins

Attempting to understand how far campus members have to walk to recycle, student researchers in the Spatial Applications and Research Center discovered only 22 percent were located within 25 feet of building, whereas 70 percent of the trashcans were within 25 feet.

Santa Clara U Initiates Sustainability Challenge

Designed by Campus Ministry and the Center for Sustainability, this new month-long challenge engages students to reflect on the spirituality of their sustainable behaviors.

Sullivan County CC Students Create Hop Research Garden

After local microbreweries expressed an interest in locally-grown inputs, students at the college developed and now maintain an experimental research garden that features regionally-appropriate varieties of hops.

Taylor U Begins Sustainability Assistants Program

After a recent trip to the Bahamas, a honors cohort conceptualized and brought to fruition a program where volunteer student representatives educate students in residence halls about environmental issues and act as change agents for sustainable living.

Western Michigan U Announces Climate Change Events Series

In an effort to raise awareness about the biological, social, political and economic consequences of climate change, the university is offering the new series of presentations and events throughout October and November.

Clemson U Launches New Student Sustainability Committee

Called the Sustainability Fund Committee, members oversee the $10 optional per-student fee budget that is earmarked for furthering campus sustainability, renewable energy or energy efficiency.

Metropolitan CC, Central CC Begins Sustainability Speaker Series

The inaugural Sustainability Leadership Presentation Series, a collaboration between the two community colleges, seeks to foster discussion on topics related to energy, the environment, sustainability, and application to daily living.

Tufts U Creates 'Sustainability House'

Students helped implement what is now the Sustainability House, an on-campus housing initiative where students who have a common interest in sustainability can live in community together. Students in the community are required to work on research related to sustainability or work with groups that seek to create change on campus.

U Richmond Sororities Begin Sustainability Awareness Campaign

Greeks Going Green is a new competition-based campaign that seeks to spread environmental awareness amongst the Greek organizations on campus through weekly activities and events.

Concordia College Appoints New Student Sustainability Committee

(U.S.): The college’s Student Government Association created the new committee because of student interest in sustainability. The new committee will deal with environmental and financial issues and work with other student organizations.

Falmouth U, U Exeter Cornwall Launches Green Living Project

(U.K.): Student members of the Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union are launching two projects aimed at promoting more sustainable behaviors within the student and staff populations. The projects aim to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce resources being sent to landfills.

National U Singapore, U Melbourne Win Design Competition

(Australia): Open to architecture students from higher education around the world, the Tropical Architecture Design Competition focuses on tropical green architecture and sustainable building design solutions. A collaboration between the two universities, this year’s winning entry was inspired by natural mushrooms and relies heavily on fresh air, daylight and rainwater for energy, and local construction materials such as ramp earth and rice straw walls.

U Illinois Chicago Students Teach Diversity with Gardens

(U.S.): Birthed from two different student cultural groups' desire to promote the importance of environmental and cultural diversity, the new Heritage Garden provides an experiential learning space where students, in collaboration with campus and community members, can engage in hands-on horticultural activities while expanding their knowledge of culturally diversity and environmentally friendly traditions and values.

U Richmond Initiates Dorm Eco-Rep Program

(U.S.): The university's Office of Sustainability has initiated this new program in an effort to increase awareness for on-campus sustainability programs including Eco-Olympics, Campus Conservation Nationals and Recyclemania.

Virginia Tech Wins Tree Farm Design Competition

(U.S.): A faculty and student team were recently awarded first place in the Casey Trees Master Plan Design Competition, a juried program to help Casey Trees fulfill its mission of protecting the tree canopy of Washington, D.C. Runners up were Clemson University, University of Maryland at College Park and a joint submission from Syracuse University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

DePauw U Begins Organic Farm

The new one-acre farm for students, faculty and staff serves as a learning lab while 10-15 percent of the food grown will be donated to the local emergency food pantry.

Franklin Pierce U Launches Sustainability Awareness Campaign

In an effort to help students gain practical experience in the field of sustainability communication, the student-run Pierce Media Group has created Voices: Engaging Communication for Sustainability. This year-long project includes guest speakers, student-created media announcements and a column in the campus newspaper.

St. Olaf Creates New First-Year Dialogue Program

The newly offered fifth topic in the college’s Conversations program, the Environmental Conversations path gives first-year students an opportunity to engage in discussion-based learning with a focus on sustainability. The college recently designated Kittelsby-Hilleboe Hall as housing for those interested in sustainable living and learning.

U Buffalo Students Initiate Permaculture Garden

After attending a permaculture workshop at University of Massachusetts Amherst, the students have drafted a proposal for a garden based on the principles of permaculture containing herbs and other perennial plants.

U Maryland, Ohio State U Wins Design Competition

Officials with the U.S. Department of Energy recently announced University of Maryland as the winner of the Max Tech and Beyond design competition for ultra-low-energy use appliances and equipment, and Ohio State University as runner up. UMD developed a heat pump clothes dryer that is almost 59 percent more efficient than a traditional electric dryer, while OSU designed a hybrid air/water conditioner with 73 percent energy cost savings over a conventional system.

Alfred State College Launches Student Engagement Competition

In a new year-long challenge, students in residence halls at the university will earn points by participating in activities and programs related to civic engagement, sustainability, and health and wellness. The highest earning residence hall will be awarded $1,500.

U Buffalo Offers New 'Sustainability Academy' for Students

In its inaugural year, students in this residential learning community participate in community projects and behind-the-scenes campus operational activities, as well as collaborating with environmental organizations.

Ursinus College Themes Jewish New Year Around Sustainability

For this year’s Rosh Hashanah, the college’s rabbi and student Jewish club Hillel are using the on-campus organic farm apiary to teach about responsibility for the environment.

Slippery Rock U Students Help Businesses Go Green

Through the university’s Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator, student interns recently conducted energy audits, planned for solar panel installations, and researched tax credits and grants for local businesses using solar energy.

SUNY Geneseo Students Begin Local Food Program

Think Local Geneseo aims to increase consumption of local foods while strengthening the bond between the college and the community through local food events.

U Pennsylvania Introduces Green Living Program

New this academic year, students in the College Houses can earn certification for living more sustainably in the areas of waste management, energy and water conservation.

Washington U St. Louis Students Develop Retrofit Plan

Due to aging 1920s and ‘30s-era university owned apartment buildings, an interdisciplinary team of researchers and students have developed a framework to retrofit the buildings to become more environmentally friendly and space efficient.

Wesleyan U Students Use Permaculture on Campus

New this summer, students used decaying wood and mulch to retain water and release nutrients in raised beds across campus, increased edible landscaping, and remade a footpath into stairs and a planted terrace following permaculture principles.

Amrita U Implements New Green Campus Initiative

(India): Encouraging students to contribute to greening efforts, the new campus initiative was announced via video conferencing by the chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, Rajendra K. Pachauri. By engaging students, the university hopes to usher in sustainability and promote change.

Cebu Institutions Compete in Green Fashion Show

(Philippines): Aiming to promote reducing, reusing, recycling, rejuvenating communities and renewable energy generation, the recent Green Fashion Revolution featured costumes made of paper, sacks and tarps.

Champlain College Students Fund Apiary

(U.S.): An offshoot of their work in the Peruvian Amazon, the on-campus beekeeping will be the college’s first living, learning laboratory. The project’s long-term financial sustainability made possible by the 2013 Senior Class Gift, the apiary will support the campus ecosystem and enhance curriculum.