Humboldt State Launches Sustainability Website

Humboldt State University (CA) has launched a new sustainability website that details initiatives and policies the University has launched to reduce its ecological footprint. The site also gives users information on sustainability-focused clubs and organizations, profiles members of the HSU and Humboldt County communities, and offers advice for greening your daily life. The website also features regularly updated articles concerning campus news related to sustainability, a calendar of eco-friendly events, and a guide for undergraduates wishing to focus their studies on environmental issues.

74 Campuses Participate in Bon Appetit's Eat Local Challenge

74 campuses recently participated in the Eat Local Challenge, an event when all Bon Appétit customers across the country offer a meal, cooked by Bon Appétit chefs, made with ingredients from within 150 miles of their café. Bon Appétit, a food services company, started the event in 2005 and continues to hold the event annually.

U Arkansas Holds Student Contest for Campus Sustainability Plan

The University of Arkansas has announced a sustainability contest for its campus. The Students First Sustainability Competition offers student teams the opportunity to win up to $15,000 in prizes for submitting the winning plan to make UA more sustainable. Students will form teams to develop practical innovations that will provide the UA campus with financial and energy savings, reduce the negative environmental impacts of campus activities, and develop policies and business plans that will improve UA's energy and environmental performance. The competition will be judged based on students' ability to prescribe energy savings, water savings, recycling improvements, policy improvements and business strategies that will make the campus more sustainable.

UC Boulder, Skidmore Launch Energy Conservation Competitions

The University of Colorado at Boulder's Baker and Libby residence halls have begun a competition to reduce electricity use. The Power Showdown, which began in October and will last three weeks, features a website that shows electricity usage in the two halls in real time, in historical time, and by a per person average. The website also contains a list of ways students can reduce their electricity use in their dorm room. Twenty prizes will be awarded to students in the winning hall that registered for the competition. Similarly, Skidmore College (NY) has launched Skidmore Unplugged, a 3 week energy conservation competition between its eight residence halls. In preparation for the competition, a Communications Design class designed a logo, brochures, a "Skidmore Unplugged" page on Facebook, a ‘Captain Kill-a-Watt’ costume, and a website that reports in real time each residence hall’s consumption of electricity.

Northern Maine CC to Launch Go! Green! Contest

Northern Maine Community College has announced plans to launch "Go! Green!," a contest in which student teams work to develop campus energy efficiency proposals. The winning students will receive full-time student tuition waivers for a semester. Proposals will be judged on cost effectiveness, creativity and originality, sustainability, written presentation, and visual presentation.

Western Michigan U Launches Sustainability Website

Western Michigan University has launched a sustainability website. The new site lists ongoing initiatives, policies, news, and events related to sustainability.

Pomona, San Francisco State U Launch Sustainability Websites

Pomona College (CA) has launched a Sustainability Website. The site was created by the Sustainability Coordinator's Office and it is intended to provide information about current sustainability efforts, opportunities to get involved, and how the campus community can reduce its environmental impact. The Pomona Sustainability website also features an "input page," where students, faculty, and staff can provide input or ask questions about the College's sustainability efforts. San Francisco State University

Syracuse U Launches Energy Conservation Competition

Syracuse University's (NY) Office of Residence Life, Residence Hall Association, and Sustainability Division in the Office of Energy and Computing Management have launched the second annual Saving Juice in the 'Cuse contest. The competition between campus residence hall communities runs through the month of November and is designed to increase the sustainable behavior of the on-campus student population through energy reduction and by increasing recycling tonnage in the residences halls.

Maharishi U of Mgmt Holds Energy Conservation Competition

Maharishi University of Management (IA) has inaugurated a campus-wide energy conservation competition, The M.U.M. Energy Challenge. During most of October, MUM students and faculty will complete daily spreadsheets to add up personal energy use, calculate the amount of carbon dioxide produced, and estimate how many pounds of greenhouse gas emissions they can prevent through simple conservation methods. Winning participants will be those with the largest percentage decrease in energy use over the month. The competition and spreadsheets were designed by a MUM student.

UW Madison Creates Video on Being a Sustainable Public Institution

The University of Wisconsin, Madison has created a video entitled, "Being a Responsible and Sustainable Public Institution." The video is the third installment in a weekly video report showcasing major ideas for the UW Madison 2009 Reaccreditation Project. Each video features interviews with leaders of the six reaccreditation “theme teams,” which were built around the top priorities for UW-Madison’s future, as identified through input from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the public.

Washington State U, U Washington Compete in 'One Thing' Challenge

Washington State University and University of Washington residence hall students have begun the "One Thing" Challenge, a competition in which students make a personal commitment to doing one thing to help the environment. The campus with the most participants will receive bragging rights and a ceremonial awarding of the One Thing Cup, a trophy made of recycled material. The competition ends November 22, 2008, the day of the annual rival football game between WSU and UW.

U Florida Launches 'Erase the Waste' Campaign

The University of Florida has launched "Erase the Waste," a new campaign designed to help the University with its goal of producing zero waste by 2015. The main component of the “Erase the Waste” campaign is getting students, faculty, and staff to sign a pledge online and at campus dining halls that commits them to taking only what they know they will eat and going back for seconds, properly planning trips to the grocery store to avoid over-buying, composting food scraps at home, growing their own produce

Dominican U of CA Announces Sustainable Practices Certificate

Dominican University of California has created a new certificate program in Sustainable Practices. The new certificate is designed for professionals who want to differentiate and enhance their practice; people seeking a career change to make a positive difference on the environment; high school graduates looking for new vocational opportunities; and policy makers, community leaders, activists, and advocates. The certificate includes two Dominican courses, elective courses, and a capstone project or internship.

U North Texas to Launch Campaign to Promote Sustainability

The University of North Texas will soon launch "We Mean Green," a university-wide public awareness campaign to discuss and promote sustainability events and opportunities and generate a sense of responsibility and excitement about reducing, reusing, and recycling. The campaign will also promote UNT's new eco-friendly filtered water system. Free reusable water bottles will be provided across campus to replace disposable, plastic ones.

Utah State U, U Illinois Chicago Launch Sustainability Websites

The Utah State University Sustainability Council has launched a website and wiki page on sustainability. The site enables faculty, staff, and students to share sustainability ideas and information. The site features upcoming events, a sustainability forum, and current sustainability initiatives at USU. The University of Illinois at Chicago has also launched a sustainability website. Some of the website is still under development, but once it is complete, the site will feature a list of sustainability related courses, departments, research units, and funding opportunities; a list of campus and community sustainability initiatives; and sustainability-related campus news and events.

U Chicago Launches New Sustainability Website

The University of Chicago (IL) has launched a new sustainability website that aims to provide an overview of sustainable practices on campus and help raise environmental awareness. The new website serves as a portal to the University of Chicago's sustainability activities, initiatives, and programs, and lists resources to help students, faculty, and staff develop new ideas and enhance green initiatives on campus.

New Cornell U Announces Sustainability Website

Cornell University (NY) has launched a new sustainability website. The goal of the website is to help the public explore Cornell's efforts in sustainability. The site provides both an overview and links to many specific programs and initiatives. The website features sustainability-related news, events, and activities in research, education, operations, and outreach.

Indiana U Holds Web-enabled Energy & Water Conservation Competition

Indiana University recently began its first ever "IU Energy Challenge," a dormitory energy and water conservation competition. The four-week competition will encourage students living in 10 IU Bloomington dormitories to compete to reduce their energy and water consumption against a baseline of their dorm's average per capita electricity and water consumption over the past three years. The competition features a website where students can view their current energy and water usage and standings. The dormit

Green Mountain College Announces Sustainability Website

Green Mountain College (VT) recently published a sustainability website that is linked to the GMC homepage. The website features the college's environmentally focused curriculum, a list of environmental leaders, and the campus's green mission, projects and partnerships, campus initiatives, and awards.

U Chicago Holds Energy Reduction Competition

University of Chicago (IL) recently completed a Battle of the Bulbs Competition. Green Campus Initiatives, a student environmental awareness organization, created the February competition to encourage student housing residents to reduce their energy consumption. Breckinridge Residence Hall, the winner of the month-long competition, reduced their overall energy consumption by 24 percent. The entire residence hall system reduced their energy consumption by an average of 2.8 percent per person.

Macalester C Holds Green Light Bulb Contest

Macalester College (MN) recently held "The Light Bulb Switchout," a competition between freshman and upperclassmen to see who could replace the most four-foot florescent bulbs with higher efficiency bulbs. The 2,200 newly installed light bulbs are estimated to save the College up to $30,000 per year. The first-year students won the competition, switching 1,300 bulbs in one building. The old light bulbs were recycled by a local recycling company.

U Texas Arlington Launches Sustainability Website

The University of Texas at Arlington recently launched a new sustainability website. The site has been designed to provide readers with information on the most recent sustainability projects and environmental events on and off campus and features a list of sustainability resources related to the UTA campus.

U Central Florida Energy Competition Offers Scholarships

A University of Central Florida energy saving competition will offer free food, gift certificates, and scholarships to the winners of the second-annual Energy Conservation Competition. The competition is a month-long campaign that challenges each residence hall to reduce its energy consumption by the greatest percentage compared to the average of the previous three years. During the first year of the program, residence hall students reduced their energy use by 8% overall, which amounted to $12,000 in electric bills. A $6,000 Student Government Association scholarships will be divided by UCF officials for the winners. The competition lasts until the end of February 2008.

Furman U Students Win Award for Campus Green Living Film

A film made by a group of Furman University (SC) students has been selected as a finalist in the Conservation in Action Multimedia Contest. Their film, "The Lifestyle Project," documented the transformation and experiences of Furman freshmen as they sought to reduce their impact on the environment by changing the way they lived their daily lives. The film followed the students as they followed a vegetarian diet, reduced their water and electricity usage, generated less trash, and quit driving their cars o