Flint Hills Technical College to Add Solar

Adding to the college's geothermal system and wind turbine, the college recently began installation of solar electric panels in a move toward increased energy independence, monitoring from which will be incorporated into appropriate courses.

Old Dominion U Erects Solar Panel Array

In the face of declining fossil fuels, the university installed the new 600-panel photovoltaic system on the university's student recreation center, which will provide electricity back to the electrical grid. Energy information from the system will be available via two campus kiosks.

North Central College Completes Lighting Retrofit

With the help of a $26,000 grant, the new LED lighting in the college's athletic facilities allows for monetary and maintenance cost savings, which an accounting class helped calculate.

Santa Monica College Finishes Lighting Retrofit

Also reducing the school's carbon footprint and contributing to campus safety, the newly completed campus-wide lighting and energy upgrade will reduce lighting-related energy consumption by 40 percent and features the installation of controllable LED gym fixtures.

U North Carolina Asheville to Add Solar Panels

Its first large-scale and visible renewable energy project, this summer the university is adding 112 photovoltaic panels, totaling a 26-kilowatt grid-tied system, because of a donation from a private solar developer in North Carolina.

Colorado College Stokes Solar Partnership Discussion

After student-led protests due to a cease agreement on a two-megawatt photovoltaic array, the college has re-engaged in talks to meet carbon neutrality goals of the school and surrounding community.

Partnership Brings Solar Energy to Two D.C. Universities

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, George Washington University has teamed up with American University and the GW University Hospital in a 20-year contract to build a 52-megawatt solar farm supplied by Duke Energy Renewables.

Northampton CC to Install Solar Panels

(U.S.): The college's new campus, which uses ground source heating and cooling, will use photovoltaics to supply approximately 80 percent of its power.

Emory U to Install 295KW of Solar Electricity

Selected by Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative to help spur economic growth in the renewables market, a series of low-profile, roof-mounted solar panels totaling 295-kilowatts will be installed on three campus buildings.

Knox College Transitions to Renewable Energy

After the college's energy contract ended and the Presidential Task Force on Sustainability suggested renewable energy be the focus of a new contract, the college signed a new one-year agreement that will provide the college with 100 percent renewable energy.

Southwestern Illinois College Partners on 137KW Solar System

The college recently partnered with a local solar installer on two solar systems, a roof-mounted system and a awning-mounted system, which total 137-kilowatts, and is projected to offset three percent of the school's energy costs annually.

Arizona State U Completes Solar Shade Structure

Costing the university $5.825 million to complete, the new photovoltaic installation, at the center of campus, is functional, adds aesthetic value to campus, and contributes to the university's carbon reduction goals.

Foundation U to Connect 140 Photovoltaic Panels

(Philippines): The current solar electricity initiative is projected to save 30 percent of the current electricity costs, and contribute to the university's sustainability and serve as a teaching tool.

Jordan U Science and Technology Signs 2MW Wind Power Agreement

(Jordan): In this recently signed joint agreement, the 2-megawatt wind energy project will be led by the university and installed on the Irbid campus.

Seattle U Releases Energy Conservation White Paper

(U.S.): The newly released paper outlines the recently installed system that captures waste pool heat energy and preheats incoming pool water and air, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and contributing to utility savings.

U Guam Constructs Solar Arrays

(Guam): The university recently installed photovoltaic panels on 5 campus buildings in accordance with its Strategic Energy Plan. The university also is conducting research on new photovoltaic systems, with three different forms of photovoltaic technology being used among the buildings to determine which technology would be best suited for a tropical environment.

North Carolina State U Boosts Energy Efficiency with Window Film

The university recently installed a high performance ceramic window film to its southern and southwestern-facing library windows that is helping to reduce costs through lessening the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning load.

Oregon State U Brings Ground-Mounted Solar Online

Aiding the university's offset of greenhouse gas emissions, the newest system is the largest of its kind at the school and collectively contributes to 10-acres of clean energy generation through photovoltaic technology.

Campus Conservation Nationals Save 2.2M kWH in Fourth Year

The 2014 national competition to reduce energy and water use at colleges and universities collective tabulated a savings of 2.2 million-kilowatt hours of electricity and 476,000 gallons of water. The top ten schools with the largest campus-wide percent reduction during an electricity competition were Appalachian State University; Bard College; Berea College; California State University at Chico; Dickinson College; Louisiana State University; Loyola University Maryland; Portland State University; Wake Forest University; and Western Carolina University, with reductions ranging from 11 to 24 percent.

Missouri State U Tables Bring Solar Power to Students

Funded by the university's Sustainability Fund, the two newly installed solar-powered picnic tables generate and store electricity that can be used through outlets and USB ports.

U Hawai'i West Oahu to Power Up With Solar

Recent records indicate the university plans to construct five 100-kilowatt ground mounted photovoltaic systems that will provide electricity directly to the grid.

Auburn U Installs Utility Tracking Devices

In an effort to understand the impacts of projects on the university's utility systems and conserve resources and funds, the new meters for electricity, natural gas and water are wirelessly connected to a centralized system that digitally tracks hourly consumption.

EPA Releases Quarterly List of Top 30 Green Power Partners

The top 30 list represents the largest green power users among higher education institutions within the Green Power Partnership. The combined green power use of these organizations amounts to more than two billion kilowatt-hours of green power annually, which is equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity use of more than 190,000 average American homes annually.

Oregon Institute of Technology to Install 1.5MW Geothermal

Partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the 1.5-megawatt geothermal system in combination with a 2-megawatt solar electricity system will allow the seven-campus system to achieve carbon neutrality by 2020.

Rocky Mountain College Erects Solar Array

In hopes that the project will spur other environmental steps, the college's Environmental Club, which led the project, raised more than $65,000 toward the construction of the solar electricity installation.

Southern Illinois U Deploys Solar Charging Picnic Table

The recently installed picnic table, made of recycled plastics, gives students the ability to charge electronic devices at a solar-powered charging station. The station lights up at night and stores enough energy for two cloudy days.

Washington U St. Louis Increases Solar Output

Furthering its environmental impact, the university's new commitment calls for an increase in solar output on all campuses by 1,150 percent. By fall, 379-kilowatts of photovoltaics will help subtract a calculated 385 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year from the school's carbon inventory.

Acharya Nagarjuna U Installs Solar Powered Street Lighting

(India): The university recently installed the lights across 350 acres, bringing the school's off-grid solar capacity to 50-kilowatts.

Cornell U Upgrades Building Controls

(U.S.): After a recent energy study found the controls of an energy intensive laboratory building to be malfunctioning, the new installed controls will reduce maintenance-associated cost and provide energy savings.

Eastern Connecticut State U Wins National Award

(U.S.): The university's Institute for Sustainable Energy was recently selected to receive the 2014 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award from the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection for its energy efficiency efforts such as benchmarking and sharing of energy data and connecting towns and agencies with the energy incentive programs available in Connecticut, which helps to accelerate the installation of energy efficient equipment.

Indiana U Bloomington Purchases Renewable Energy

(U.S.): The university's School of Public and Environmental Affairs is purchasing renewable energy certificates to offset its use of electricity from fossil fuels. The purchase covers the school’s academic energy use including classrooms, laboratories and offices through May 2015.

Michigan State U Honored by American Biogas Council

(U.S.): The university has been presented with the Project of the Year Award for its anaerobic digestion facility, which generates approximately 3,000 megawatts of renewable energy from processing organic waste from campus dining halls and university farms. This process diverts nearly 10,000 tons of material from landfills and wastewater facilities.

Montgomery County CC Introduces Wind Turbines

(U.S.): Dedicated on behalf of Earth Day were four 25-foot, vertical axis, 1-kilowatt wind turbines, which provide enough electrical output to power LED lights in one of the campus' parking lots.

UC Riverside Installs Off Grid Solar Power

(U.S.): Bringing the university closer toward its carbon neutrality goals, the 13 solar charging cafe-style tables have recently been installed across campus and provide the campus community with a vehicle to charge the growing number of handheld electronic devices and laptops.

Cornell U to Install a 2MW Photovoltaic Array

The university's largest solar endeavor, the two-megawatt solar electric system will include 6,500-plus panels, 10 of which will be designated for academic use allowing students physical access to manipulate the panels and access to the web-based dashboard monitoring software.

North Carolina State U Student Improves Lab Energy Efficiency

Each Friday an intern with the university's Energy Management combs energy intensive labs across campus to close fume hoods or reduce the opening and leaves a reminder card to users indicating such.

U Maryland Panhellenic Receives $4K for Energy Efficiency

Allowing the building to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, the university's Fraternity and Sorority Life housing coordinator applied for the grant to install the ceramic glazing on the windows of a Panhellenic chapter house as a pilot program.

U Kansas Initiates Grading System for Energy Efficiency

After energy competitions proved less than desired, the university implemented a new green grading system targeting behavioral changes to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed in 39 main campus buildings.

U Florida to Install Three Solar Charging Stations

Spearheaded through the university's Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the soon to be installed, clean energy charging stations will have USB ports and the capacity to charge the equivalent of one and a half laptops at a time.

U Colorado Boulder Completes 290KW Photovoltaic Array

The newly commissioned 290-kilowatt solar electric system on the main campus' sports arena will help the university meet its short-term goal of powering the campus with clean energy by reducing demand for grid electricity and cost while also fulfilling part of its long-term goal for a carbon-neutral campus.

Colorado State U Selected for Renewable Power-Purchase Program

The city of Fort Collins has selected the university to be a part of a 20-year solar electricity system agreement, stemming from a state mandate requiring utilities to generate 10 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Lake Land College to Construct 200KW Photovoltaic Array

The college's Board of Trustees recently approved a contract for the construction of two solar arrays totaling 200-kilowatts. During the same meeting, they approved the bylaws for a new renewable energy student club.

Solano CC Introduces 2.8MW of Solar Energy

The Solano Community College District recently commissioned three systems totaling 2.8 mega-watts, which is estimated to contribute approximately half of the energy that the three-school district currently uses.

St. Petersburg College Installs 100KW Photovoltaic System

Made possible by a $516,000 Duke Energy Florida SunSense Schools program, the 100-kilowatts are divided between two university campuses, and the campus community can monitor hourly performance of the systems.

California State U Stanislaus to Install Photovoltaic Panels

With a desire to increase clean energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and comply with state legislation, the new solar electric panels will produce approximately 34,800 kilowatt-hours to augment energy for the university's irrigation and storm pumps.

Towson U Pilots Outdoor Solar Table

The newly installed solar charging stations are located in several areas around campus to create a convenient way for students to recharge their devices using clean, renewable energy.

Clarkson U Pilots Energy Usage Monitoring

(United States): In an effort to examine whether data-driven energy decisions can reduce expenses in living facilities across campus, real-time data monitoring and displays have been installed for electricity and water in select student apartments.

Edinburgh College Hosts Renewable Energy Laboratory

(Scotland): The college campus houses a fleet of electric vehicles, student-made charging locations, a new solar meadow site featuring 2,560 solar electric panels and a lab for testing tidal energy.

Marathwada Institute of Technology Connects 100KW Solar System

(India): Attempting to maximize non-conventional forms of energy for financial stability and add to co-curricular programming, the 100-kilowatt system is projected to diminish demand of energy generated by traditional sources by 30 percent.

North Carolina State U Completes Boiler Efficiency Upgrade

(United States): The final phase of a $61 million performance contract allowed for the installation of two boilers that improved the heating system efficiency from 68 to 82 percent.