Lake Land College to Construct 200KW Photovoltaic Array

The college's Board of Trustees recently approved a contract for the construction of two solar arrays totaling 200-kilowatts. During the same meeting, they approved the bylaws for a new renewable energy student club.

Solano CC Introduces 2.8MW of Solar Energy

The Solano Community College District recently commissioned three systems totaling 2.8 mega-watts, which is estimated to contribute approximately half of the energy that the three-school district currently uses.

St. Petersburg College Installs 100KW Photovoltaic System

Made possible by a $516,000 Duke Energy Florida SunSense Schools program, the 100-kilowatts are divided between two university campuses, and the campus community can monitor hourly performance of the systems.

California State U Stanislaus to Install Photovoltaic Panels

With a desire to increase clean energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and comply with state legislation, the new solar electric panels will produce approximately 34,800 kilowatt-hours to augment energy for the university's irrigation and storm pumps.

Towson U Pilots Outdoor Solar Table

The newly installed solar charging stations are located in several areas around campus to create a convenient way for students to recharge their devices using clean, renewable energy.

Clarkson U Pilots Energy Usage Monitoring

(United States): In an effort to examine whether data-driven energy decisions can reduce expenses in living facilities across campus, real-time data monitoring and displays have been installed for electricity and water in select student apartments.

Edinburgh College Hosts Renewable Energy Laboratory

(Scotland): The college campus houses a fleet of electric vehicles, student-made charging locations, a new solar meadow site featuring 2,560 solar electric panels and a lab for testing tidal energy.

Marathwada Institute of Technology Connects 100KW Solar System

(India): Attempting to maximize non-conventional forms of energy for financial stability and add to co-curricular programming, the 100-kilowatt system is projected to diminish demand of energy generated by traditional sources by 30 percent.

North Carolina State U Completes Boiler Efficiency Upgrade

(United States): The final phase of a $61 million performance contract allowed for the installation of two boilers that improved the heating system efficiency from 68 to 82 percent.

Stella Maris College Installs 50KW Solar System

(India): Aligned with the state government's solar policy, mandating colleges to construct renewable energy, the college's new 50-kilowatt, 200 panel system will provide six percent of the school's current energy use.

New Mexico State U Approves Performance Contract

Legislation that phases out T12 fluorescent lamps was the impetus for the newly signed contract, which allows the university to improve 46 buildings through interior and exterior lighting and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Stanford U to Install Multi-Megawatt Solar Energy Project

Spearheaded by the university's Office of Sustainability, the recently approved project calls for solar panels on a parking structure and 12 other campus buildings, which will increase the percentage of photovoltaic-derived energy from one to 10 percent and enable student participation and experiential learning and research.

Ball State U to Shut Down Coal-Fired Boilers

The university is preparing for a March closure for four boilers to prevent costly upgrades mandated by the Clean Air Act. The university is in process of installing a large geothermal system, what the U.S. Department of Energy is calling the "nation's largest geothermal heating and cooling system, and continues to operate three natural-gas-fired boilers.

Harvard U Debuts Thermal Biomass System

Using sustainably-harvested wood from its 3,700-acre Harvard Forest, the new, high-efficiency boilers provide heat to five nearby buildings. University researchers are studying the greenhouse gas emission impacts of using the sustainably-harvested wood from their managed forest, expecting carbon emissions to go down.

North Carolina State U Begins Collection of Used Oil

A recent partnership between University Housing and the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling resulted in Cease the Grease, an effort to collect used cooking oil from two residential areas, which will then be converted into biodiesel fuel.

U North Carolina System Students Ask for 100% Clean Energy

As a result of the Student Energy Network conference, a resolution document gaining endorsement stipulates that Duke Energy will provide 100 percent renewable energy to all University of North Carolina campuses by 2050.

Four Virginia Colleges Announce 100% Renewable Electricity

Coordinated by the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia, Hollins University, Emory & Henry College, Lynchburg College, Randolph College and Sweet Briar College have entered into agreements to provide the schools with electricity produced from landfill gas.

Oklahoma State U Saves $30M Through Energy Efficiency

Since 2007, the university recently announced that through its behavior-based energy conservation program the five university campuses have exceeded the target savings goal by $10 million.

Stonehill College to Construct 2.7MW Solar Farm

The new contract for a 15-acre, 2.7-megawatt photovoltaic array will offset the university's carbon emissions, save money, help build a culture of sustainability on campus, and is tied in with the college’s Catholic ethos.

U California Riverside to Install 3MW Solar System

Supporting the system-wide University Policy on Sustainable Practices, which calls on each campus to contribute to the production of up to 10-megawatts of on-site renewable power by 2014, the university will install the three-megawatt, 10-acre system in summer 2014.

Austin Peay State U Installs Solar Picnic Tables

Expanding its use of renewable energy, the university recently added the electrified tables for the campus community to be able to charge electronics in an environmentally-friendly way.

Columbia-Greene CC Connects 200kW Photovoltaic Array

The recent installation of the 200-kilowatt solar system is projected to supply up to approximately 30 percent of the campus' electric power demand.

Aalto U Otaniemi Uses Remote Management for Energy Efficiency

(Finland): Using about 10,000 data points on electricity, heat and water consumption, indoor temperatures, and humidity, the management system allows for evaluation and control.

U California Merced to Double Solar Electricity

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2020, the university recently announced plans to double its photovoltaic installations from one megawatt to two megawatts using 11 campus buildings and the chancellor's residence.

U Colorado Colorado Springs to Get Outdoor Solar Seating

Funded by the university's green fund mechanism, the soon-to-be installed picnic tables come equipped with a solar panel umbrella that provides power to outlets and nighttime lighting.

U California Davis to Open Biodigester

Set to begin working in January 2014 and after eight years of research, the university will open an anaerobic digester that converts pre- and post-consumer food from the dining halls into electricity for campus.

Himachal Pradesh Agricultural U Proposes Solar Plants

(India): In an effort to conserve energy and financial resources, the university has proposed four power plants between three of its colleges, totaling a 200-kilowatt capacity.

Kwame Nkrumah U Science & Technology Implements Biogas Project

(Ghana): Established by the university's Energy Center, the pilot project is intended to serve as a model for biogas development across Ghana and the West Africa subregion.

Northwest Missouri State U Completes Lighting Upgrade

(U.S.): The new lighting and energy efficiency upgrades in 12 of the university's buildings will help the university save money in light of a recent increase in electricity rates.

Oregon Tech to Connect Solar Array

(U.S.): Working toward its climate action plan, the soon-to-be-connected array of 7,800 panels will provide approximately 26 percent of the college's energy and covers nine acres.

ORT Hermelin Academic College of Eng & Tech to Become Microgrid

(Israel): The college president announced plans recently to transform the campus into a self-sustainable island to demonstrate how a smart electricity microgrid can successfully deliver energy to consumers when they need it and without power failures or extraneous costs.

Raju Institute of Technology Commissioned 100KW Solar Array

(India): The engineering college, with the aid of students, recently completed the 100-kilowatt rooftop installation, which includes 400 photovoltaic modules.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology to Install Solar Windows

(Switzerland): The university's yet-to-be-opened convention center will be equipped with a colored glass façade consisting of dyed photovoltaic panels.

Tufts U to Add 99KW Photovoltaic Array

(U.S.): Joining the city of Medford's effort to solarize the city, the university will install the 99-kilowatt solar system to foster environmental sustainability on the campus.

Valdosta State U Installs 10KW Solar System

(U.S.): The new 10-kilowatt system will help the university foster a campus culture sensitive to sustainability.

Cornell U Students Save $35K Through Energy Efficiency

Energy Corps, a student organization that promotes campus sustainability and energy efficiency, helped the university save this year through replacing overhead and desk bulbs with more efficient ones.

U Illinois Urbana-Champaign Begins Energy Conservation Program

The new Campus Energy Conservation Incentive Program is an annual awards program that recognizes the buildings on campus that conserve the highest amount of energy in one year.

Western Washington U to Heat Pool with Solar

The university's Green Energy Fee Grant Program recently awarded students $219,511 to implement the energy saving and carbon emissions-reducing system.

Antioch College to Gain Energy Independence

Beginning in November, the college will begin drilling 150 geothermal wells to supply heating and cooling to the college. When the approximately $8.8 million project is completed, it along with photovoltaic energy will meet 100 percent of the college's heating and cooling demand.

California State U San Bernardino Connects CHP Plant

The new 1.4-megawatt combined heat and power plant is a joint project between the university and Southern California Edison utility company. Integrated into the campus' central plant, the system is generating electricity to the utility grid with waste heat at no cost to the university.

Dalhousie U Receives 'Bright Star' Award

Efficiency Nova Scotia recently decorated the university based on 12 energy efficiency and water projects over the previous 5 years totaling a $40 million investment.

ELECTRI International Green Energy Challenge Winners Announced

Hosted by the Foundation for Electrical Construction, the 2013 international competition challenged students to develop a comprehensive design and bid package for a parking garage sustainable energy retrofit. University of Washington took top prize; Penn State achieved second; and Iowa State University came in third.

Cornell U Offers Real-Time Energy Display

In an effort to lower energy consumption on campus, the new interactive Building Dashboard provides real-time campus energy usage for 50 buildings.

Missouri State U Launches 'Green Kiosk'

The university recently purchased the energy dashboard to educate the campus community about current energy use and to capture statistical information for facilities and sustainability projects on specific buildings.

Arizona State U Uses 100% LED Lighting in Athletic Arena

(U.S.): The new Wells Fargo Arena light-emitting diode source lighting helps to reduce the university's environmental impact, reduce energy consumption and improve lighting, which is a factor for championship selections.

Baldwin Wallace U Connects Wind Turbine

(U.S.): The university's new Skystream 3.7 wind turbine, sitting atop a 60-foot pole, generates electricity for a parking lot and maintenance shed.

U Queensland Gatton to Construct 3.3MW Photovoltaic Array

(Australia): After recent approval of a $40.7 million federal government grant, the new solar 3.275 megawatt installation will be a photovoltaic research facility consisting of 34,000 thin-film panels and cover 32 acres.

U.S. Solar Decathlon 2013 Announces Winners

(U.S.): Vienna University of Technology, a first-time U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon competitor, took first place overall in the international competition whose design philosophy was guided by differing climes and lifestyles. University of Las Vegas Nevada won second and Czech Technical University placed third.

Atlantic Cape CC Completes 2.2MW Photovoltaic Project

The recently dedicated project includes more than 2,000 panels and spans four parking lots. The monitored system is projected to provide enough energy for approximately 220 homes and will be used as a teaching tool for students.

Bowdoin College Proposes 1.3MW Solar Installation

The 1.3-megawatt photovoltaic installation, which is projected to supply approximately eight percent of the college's annual electricity usage, is proposed to be built atop two athletic facilities and include a 127-acre ground mounted installation.