Northwestern U Partners to Bring Bike Sharing to Campus

After discussing the idea of bike sharing for two years, the university's Office of Sustainability is partnering with Divvy, Chicago’s bike-sharing system, to offer discounts to members of the university community in early 2015.

33 Schools Claim Bicycle Friendly University Status

On Campus Sustainability Day the League of American Bicyclists recognized 26 new and seven renewing Bicycle Friendly Universities (BFU) from 20 states. The BFU program is a tool for universities to make bicycling a real transportation and recreation option for all people.

Colorado State U Plans Bicycle Friendly Campus

(U.S.): In conjunction with the City of Fort Collins, the university will complete a plan in November that expands current trails, creates new ones, and installs a permanent closure making a bike and pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare.

Colorado Mountain College Installs EV Charing Station

The college recently installed charging stations at five of their campus locations in an effort to reduce fossil fuel emissions, encourage eco-friendly transportation and move toward carbon neutral campuses with the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

U North Carolina Greensboro Introduces Electric Motorcycles

The university recently purchased two electric, no emission, motorcycles for campus police use that cost $.96 to fully charge. Motorcycles can travel 132 miles on a single charge and boost campus sustainability efforts.

Sacramento State U Encourages Alternative Transportation

The university recently added bike lanes and a parking section for bikes and skateboards to encourage clean energy transportation options for students.

Antioch U New England Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Station

New charging stations for electric vehicles were recently installed for the campus community and public’s use in an effort to reach carbon neutrality by 2020.

California Polytechnic State U to Install EV Charging Stations

(U.S.): Thanks to a grant from the California Energy Commission, 12 new electric vehicle charging stations will be installed at the university to promote sustainability on campus.

North Carolina U Pembroke to Install Two EV Charging Stations

(U.S.): After the recent signing of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge, the university prepares to unveil two new electric vehicle charging stations alongside a solar photovoltaic system to offset energy consumption, which will put the university closer to its 2050 carbon neutrality commitment.

U Leicester Introduces Electric Vehicles

(U.K.): In an effort to promote electric vehicle use and boost research, EV charging stations are being installed across campus and university scientists are modifying EVs with sensors to capture air pollution related to urban air quality.

West Carolina U Recognized for Sustainability

(U.S.): University students received top placement for the presentation of their capstone projects at a state conference. One concept involved finding sustainable solutions for commuter students while the other was a computer science undertaking to develop apps to track the local mass transit shuttles in order to increase ridership.

Coastal Carolina U Launches Transportation Program

Aiding the campus' efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle and create a cleaner environment, Teal Transportation brings together biking, car sharing, ridesharing and the campus shuttle in one convenient program, which was promoted at orientation events.

U Virginia to Begin Bike Sharing Program

(U.S.): Later this summer, the university will unveil a fleet of 120 rentable bicycles in an effort to give the community a midday alternative transportation option.

Colgate U Unveils EV Charging Station

The new electric vehicle charging station intends to make sustainable transportation a more viable option for the campus community and contribute to the university's quest to attain carbon neutrality by its bicentennial in 2019.

Illinois Community Colleges Promote Electric Vehicles

In a show to demonstrate how community colleges have helped strengthen the state's electric vehicle infrastructure, the Illinois Green Economy Network, a consortium of all 39 Illinois community college districts, is planning a three-day road trip to 11 community colleges that have EV charging stations.

Northern Arizona U Rolls into Car Sharing

In hopes of reducing traffic-related congestion, students, faculty and staff will be able to check-out an Enterprise car beginning in the fall semester.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges Install Electric Chargers

Paving the way for reduced carbon emissions and, the newly installed electric vehicle charging stations serve those who currently own electric vehicles and support individuals interested in buying one in the future.

U Windsor Installs Bike Repair Station

The new covered bicycle service station was installed to curtail pollution and improve health, and includes hanger arms to suspend the bicycle, a full set of tools and an air pump is provided to improve bicyclists commuter experience.

Dickinson College Students Fund Local Transit

The college's Student Senate is committing $47,000 over a three-year period in partnership with the local transit authority to enable college members to ride for free, develop additional routes to key locations, and offer student internships.

U California Riverside to Build Bike Lanes

The upcoming double bike lanes aim to reduce bicycling accidents and alleviate traffic caused by bicyclists by ensuring that students are cycling with the flow of traffic and riding in their respective lanes.

U Wisconsin Platteville Offers Bike Repair Station

To enable biking as a more convenient form of transportation on campus, university employees recently installed a self-service bicycle repair station that includes a hand-operated air pump, hand tools and a rack to hold the bike during repairs.

California Polytechnic State U Bolsters Bike Safety

(U.S.): In an effort to promote biking and create a safer environment for bicyclists and non-motorists, the university recently completed a new bike path that connects the endpoint of an existing city path to the heart of campus.

Arkansas State U Promotes New Bike and Pedestrian Plan

The new plan encourages bike use on campus through marking existing roads, creating multi-use paths and the creation of the first bike lane on campus.

Chicago Area Schools Organize 'Bike2Campus' Week

Organized by the Chicago Network of Sustainability in Higher Education, ten colleges and universities recently participated in the inaugural event, which is a five-day alternative transit challenge to get students on their bicycles and encourages students to reduce emissions, practice healthy lifestyles, and learn about bike-safety issues. The ten schools include Loyola University at Chicago, City Colleges of Chicago, Columbia College at Chicago, University of Chicago, University of Illinois-Chicago, Roosevelt University, Dominican University, Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology, and the School of the Art Institute Chicago.

U Georgia Installs Electric Vehicle Chargers

Installed due to campus community interest, the new EV charging stations are able to fully power a vehicle in two hours and are currently free to parking deck users, although beginning in the fall, a fee will be assessed.

Minnesota State U Moorhead Adds Bike Repair Station

Helping to reduce the university's overall carbon footprint, the fix it station, replete with tools, air pump and QR code tip manual, was a student-driven project partially paid for by the green fee fund.

Texas A&M U Solicits Student Feedback on Transportation

In light of the projected growth of campus, the university's Transportation Services hopes to improve bicycle-pedestrian infrastructure in the fall by offering forums for stakeholders to voice concerns about the current biking situation.

U Oregon Offers Mobile Bike Repair Station

To provide help when and where it's needed, the mobile repair trike features a worktable pegboard of tools, and collapsible bike stands. The Student Sustainability Fund (SSF) granted the UO Bike Program $3,700 to build the bicycle.

U Alaska Anchorage to Implement Bike-Share Program

(U.S.): Using a university identification card, students, staff and faculty will be able to check out a bike through the campus library circulation desk, which can be used for an hour, a day or up to a month, for free. The bikes come with fenders, lights, a back rack and a front basket, and require monthly safety checks.

SUNY Oswego Implements Bike-Share Program

The new program provides refurbished bicycles to students up to a semester at a time to encourage fitness and cost savings while helping cut down on car trips.

U Georgia Installs Bike Repair Stations

In an effort to support the use of bikes as transportation on campus, the new repair stops contain a tire pump, basic tools and helpful instructions.

U Louisville Offers Car Sharing Service to Public

In an effort to increase awareness of the university's car sharing program, it recently offered the service to the local community hoping to transition students and community members away from car use and toward publicly-owned transportation alternatives.

Utah State U Hires Bicycle Education Coordinator

(U.S.): The university's new position, held by Wayne Elder, a member of the League of American Bicyclists, will encourage more bicycle use on and off campus and promote bicycle safety through education.

California State U San Bernardino Installs 6 EV Charging Stations

Funded through a partnership with the California Energy Commission, each electric vehicle station costs $1 per hour, with a four-hour maximum per charge, however there is an incentive program for staff members to charge for free.

U Hawai'i Manoa to Implement Bike Sharing

Five or six bike-sharing stations will be brought to campus by the end of 2015 due to a Honolulu-commissioned transportation study.

U Kentucky to Launch Car-Free Residential Campaign

During the 2014-2015 academic year, the bicycle library, providing free bicycle sharing and repair, will nearly double its capacity by launching a program aimed at encouraging students who live in residence halls to leave their motor vehicles behind.

U Maryland Intern Begins Campaign to Grow Female Bike Ridership

After data from a recent survey revealed 23 percent of riders were female predominately due to safety concerns, an outreach intern for bikeUMD is organizing women-specific events including a bike trip and yoga lesson called BikeYo.

Pomona College Offers Bicycle Repair Station

An action that supports and encourages emission-free transportation, the recently installed repair station offers the campus bicycling community the chance to hang their bike while using one of the attached tools for maintenance or repair.

U Massachusetts Amherst Installs Electric Vehicle Charger

Through a partnership with Nissan USA, the unit allows for an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes making the average charge time 12 minutes. This initiative is part of the university's 2050 carbon neutrality goal.

SUNY Fredonia Launches Carpool Program

(United States): Designed to assist students, faculty, and staff to find partners to car pool with, the carpool program can be used for daily or one-time occurrences.

SUNY Institute of Technology Offers EV Charging Station

(United States): Part of a state-wide public-private partnership aimed at improving environmental sustainability, increasing access to cleaner modes of transportation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the new electric vehicle charging station is free and open to the public.

UC Santa Cruz Installs EV Charging Stations

(United States): Partly funded by a third party, four electric vehicle chargers are now available to all campus members for a fee of $1 per hour.

Georgetown U Students Receive Free Bikes

The new initiative called the FreeBike Project allows students to pay a refundable fee to receive a new bicycle that has outside company advertisements on it.

U Maryland Boosts Safety for Cyclists

The university's Department of Transportation Services recently finished painting white chevron-shaped signs on roadways around campus to signal to motorists aware of cyclists on the road, provide a safer commute, and indicate the smoothest roads for cyclists.

Bridgewater College Students to Use EV for Recycling Program

After a recent $2,500 grant from Enterprise Rent-A-Car's philanthropic arm, Enterprise Holdings Foundation, the college will soon have access to an electric-powered utility vehicle for its student-operated recycling program.

U Reading Wins Engage Award from Public Sector Travel

(U.K.): Winning the accolade of Sustainability Program of the Year, the honor is on behalf of its car sharing initiative, giving the campus community round-the-clock access to low emission vehicles at a cost-effective price, which helps to reduce the university's carbon footprint.

Bowdoin College Adds Electric Vehicle to Fleet

Funded partially by a grant from a local utility, campus members now have the option to drive a plug-in hybrid electric Chevrolet Volt.

Kent State U to Expand Sustainable Transportation Measures

The university recently contracted with Zipcar to offer a car sharing option to the campus community in hopes of reducing vehicular congestion and carbon emissions.

Bicycling Magazine Pins Nine Cyclist-Friendly Colleges

The magazine's recent ranking evaluates efforts to incorporate innovative ways to increase cycling as a means of transportation. Highlighted universities include University of Louisville; Bowdoin College; University of California, Davis; Michigan State University; Portland State University; University of Colorado, Boulder; University of Minnesota; University of Arizona; and Stanford University.

U Buffalo Connects EV Car-Charging Stations

(U.S.): Contributing to the university's 2030 climate neutrality efforts, the new charging stations at three UB campuses are part of a state initiative to install 80 throughout the state.