Mount Marty College Wins Recycling Grant

As part of a grant by Keep America Beautiful and The Coca-Cola Foundation, the college will receive 40 additional recycling containers and implement a plan focused on the act of recycling and educational outreach.

15 Schools Selected to Participate in Keep America Beautiful Prog

Keep America Beautiful's Give and Go 2014 program is a partnership with Goodwill Industries and select colleges and universities to implement effective collection drives during the spring move out period at the end of the term when students leave campus housing. Selected 2014 schools include College of Charleston; Creighton University; Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis; Northern Illinois University; Pacific Lutheran University; Radford University; Southern Oregon University; Texas A&M University; Texas Tech University; The University of Toledo; Trinity University; University of Georgia;; University of Louisville; University of Missouri at Kansas City; University of San Diego; and University of St Thomas.

Portland State U Video Records Recycling Experiment

The university's recycling program, PSU Recycles!, set a plastic bottle near a recycling container to see if someone would place it in the container and video-recorded the results.

Loyola U Chicago Votes to End Plastic Bag Usage

Waiting to see how the administration votes on the matter, students are in favor of using compostable totes carrying a charge $0.70 per bag, which they hope will incent students to use their own reusable bags.

New Mexico State U Switches to Single Stream Recycling

Aided by Coco-Cola Keep America Beautiful grant funding, 70 large recycling bins and smaller bins were placed throughout campus and residence halls with promotion of the new recycling system.

Over 89M Pounds of Material Diverted Through RecycleMania

The nationwide college and university competition to recycle and compost material had 461 participating universities that diverted over 89 million pounds during the eight-week period. Antioch University was awarded Grand Champion with the highest percentage of overall recycled waste (93 percent); Kalamazoo College won the Per Capita Classic with over 48 pounds of recyclables per person; and Valencia College won in the Waste Minimization category with 2.87 pounds of waste per person. Rutgers University won the Gorilla Prize, the highest gross tonnage of combined paper, cardboard and bottle and cans regardless of campus population, at 1.53 million pounds.

Western Kentucky U Composts Food Waste

Recently installed into an existing university dining hall, the new food pulper/extractor takes pre and post-consumer food waste, breaks it down into small pieces, and then the material is hauled to the university's arboretum to be mixed with wood chips to create compost.

U Texas Austin Moves to Glass Collection

After switching to single stream collection of accepted recyclable material, the university amended its contract to begin glass collection due to an increase of the material on campus.

Angelo State U Introduces New Recycling Initiatives

The university's Student Government Association partnered with other student organizations for Adopt-A-Hallway, a program designed to increase waste diversion, and new recycling-specific dumpsters have been placed across campus allowing for a more efficient diversion and pick up process.

Bridgewater College Pilots Composting Program

The college recently implemented a composting pilot program for all dining hall food waste. Two student interns are conducting outreach efforts to the campus community about the new program.

U Massachusetts Adopts Recycling at Medical School

The university's Hahnemann Campus combined multiple medical supply rooms to reduce waste from expired materials and implemented a process change that allows for the removal of "blue wrap" before surgery, which thwarts contamination, so that it may be recycled.

U Wisconsin Green Bay Begins Plastic Film Recycle Collection

The university recently initiated the collection of plastic film to further its waste reduction efforts after a student brought forth the idea from having helped the local hospital reduce its plastic film waste stream.

U Central Florida Initiates Single-Stream Recycling

The recently signed contract allows students to place all recyclable material in a single bin, which is then sorted by the waste contractor.

George Washington U to Audit Recycle Bins

Attempting to bolsters its efforts to reduce waste by 50 percent over the next three years, the university's Sustainability Office will sift through select recycling bins across campus to identify commonly tossed items that cause contamination of the recyclables.

Portland State U Institutionalizes Composting

After a 2013 campus waste audit revealed that 36 percent of the material sent to the landfill could be composted, the university recently signed a new custodial contract that allows the campus community access to food scrap collection bins in departmental common areas.

Princeton U to Adopt Single-Stream Recycling

After a single-stream pilot study revealed a significant increase in recycling rates, the university recently made the decision to convert campus to the new method by the end of 2014.

U Toronto Begins Campaign to Eliminate Styrofoam

The university's Sustainability commission has recently been handing out free reusable containers, along with posting fliers, that attempt to reduce the amount of styrofoam containers coming from on-campus food trucks.

North Carolina State U Begins Pizza Box Composting

The university's Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling implemented the Pizza Box Composting Project, which seeks to decrease compostable waste on campus and encourage students to pay more attention to the importance of composting.

U Colorado Boulder Partners on Zero Waste Sports Practices

Sustainable Gamedays, sponsored by BASF, is a series of eight men and women's basketball games in which videos featuring facts about sustainability and organics recycling show on the arena screens, and demonstrates to game-goers how to use the many zero waste stations placed around the arena for recycling and composting.

Georgetown U Distributes Recycling Bins in Dorms

(United States): As part of a marketing effort to increase student engagement, the Office of Sustainability has distributed recycling bins and educational fliers to all on-campus residents in dorms.

PepsiCo Spring Recycling Challenge Announces Results

(United States): PepsiCo's Dream Machine Recycling Initiative encourages participating colleges and universities to increase recycling rates by using its kiosk to collect plastic and aluminum beverage bottles and cans. The top five schools collecting the highest average amount of containers per kiosk are Mountwest College, Joliet Junior College, Rider University, University of Pittsburgh and Florida International University.

U Florida Student Spearheads Composting

(United States): A student in the university's College of Design, Construction and Planning has started a 10-bin collection system in an effort to promote the activities of the Student Compost Cooperative whose long-term goal is to establish compost collection bins across campus.

Earlham College Opens Free Store

Attempting to divert waste throughout the year from the landfill, a permanent collection bin holds the unwanted items until they are taken to the store where the campus community can pick things up for free.

Humboldt State U to Eliminate Plastic Bags

Beginning this spring, the university will not use any single-use plastic bags, and the bookstore, eateries and marketplaces will begin charging ten cents per paper bag.

York U Saves Paper and Money Through Online Application System

Supporting the university's sustainability goals, the university's Office of Admissions unveiled a new online system that allows applicants to track their application, and apply for scholarships and residence.

Davidson College Diverts Waste from Athletic Games

After noticing how much waste from athletic events is compostable or recyclable, students launched two athletic recycling and composting campaigns: one at a football game and one at a basketball game.

Oregon State U Creates Trash Sculpture

Attempting to raise awareness of how much is thrown away, a campus recycling group collected and sorted residence hall waste to create a monster, and labeled the visual display with how much waste an average person produces over a certain amount of time.

SUNY Purchase Cuts Ribbon on Composting System

The new large-scale system composts food waste from the food court and the on-campus coffee shop with plans to collect additional waste from other dining facilities as the operation gets underway.

U Washington Creates Waste Display

The new visual display aims to simplify waste disposal on campus and encourage greater composting and recycling by showing the items for compost, recycling and landfill.

Virginia Tech to Install Nearly 100 Solar Trash Compactors

Making recycling more convenient for the campus community, the solar compactors are intended to increase recycling rates and reduce carbon emissions from maintenance staff.

American U Increases Waste Reduction Through Partnership

(U.S.): Continuing to work toward its goal of zero waste by 2020, the university partnered with a for-profit clothing recycler to place collection bins for clothing, linens, shoes and accessories from the campus community.

Oklahoma State U Students Produce Recycling Video

(U.S.) The new video features the school's lead basketball blocker in an entertaining video encouraging the campus community to recycle.

Sabah U Malaysia Opens Recycling Center

(Malaysia): In a strategic effort to make its campus more sustainable, the university's Environmental Management System will be trained to implement the recycling initiative, conduct an environmental audit, and organize the first regional conference on sustainability.

Antioch U New England Launches Terracycle Partnership

Beginning in January 2014, the university's Social Justice and Sustainability team is collecting a variety of packaging materials that are currently not recycled, such as chip bags and toothpaste tubes, in an effort to increase its waste diversion.

Trinity Western U Implements New Waste Diversion Tools

Two students were instrumental in recently establishing a post-consumer compost collection system and new clearly marked recycling collection bins.

Princeton U Completes Single-Stream Recycling Pilot

The recently completed pilot yielded a 20 percent increase in recycling, providing momentum for the university's Building Services to make the transition to single-stream recycling.

Bentley U Install Recycling Machines

The newly installed recycling machines accept bottles and cans, giving a five-cent deposit back to recyclers and displaying real-time recycling data.

Simon Fraser U to Implement New Recycling System

The new system will be introduced spring 2014 and provide standardized color-coding to recycling bins across campus in an effort to divert 70 percent of waste from the landfill by 2015.

SUNY ESF Students to Initiate Campus-Wide Composting

Students from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry are constructing a new facility for a campus-wide aerobic compost system that aids the composting process in colder months.

UC Berkeley Installs Recycled Recycling Bins

(U.S.): Agreeing to contribute to campus sustainability projects, the university's beverage contract funded each of the 13 newly installed, custom-designed bins, each made from 1,550 plastic milk jugs.

Western Carolina U Graduates Sport Recycled Gowns

(U.S.): Preventing nearly 12,000 plastic bottles from heading to the landfill, roughly 500 students will be dressed in 100 percent, post-consumer recycled plastic bottle gowns.

Montgomery County CC Institute Becomes Landfill-Free

Partnering with a private business, the community college's Culinary Arts Institute is now a Landfill-Free Enterprise, which means it uses all trash, recycling and food trimmings for energy or materials.

U California Berkeley Students Conduct Waste Audit

Striving to meet the University of California system's zero waste commitment by 2020, the recent student audit revealed a multitude of plastics in the waste stream. This new data will be helpful to the university's recent commitment to Plastics Disclosure Project, which tracks the lifecycle of plastics used on campus and pledges to reduce plastic waste.

Harvard U Students Jumpstart Bottled Water Ban

Student members of the university's Environmental Action Committee recently kicked off the Beyond the Bottle campaign with student signatures leading up to a ballot referendum to ban the sale of disposables.

U California Santa Cruz Holds Zero Waste Education Event

In a collaborative effort to divert material from landfills, the 2013 Fall Festival, which hosts a high number of new students, seeks to educate each other about the university's commitment to zero waste by 2020. The 2013 Fall Festival event diverted 88 percent of its waste from the landfill.

U California Santa Cruz Introduces Impact Award

(U.S.) The university's 2013 Chancellor's Sustainability Challenge inaugural Impact Award recognizes students who develop waste reduction/diversion projects, experience a deeper level of commitment, participate in existing programs, or raise awareness of the need to reduce waste. First place prize is $300.

U Missouri-St. Louis Increases Recycling Accessibility

(U.S.): With financial assistance from Keep America Beautiful, students and staff distributed over 150 new recycling bins throughout campus and announced the new single-stream recycling system.

British Columbia Institute of Tech Hosts Computer Reuse Program

In an effort to address the plethora of electronic waste inundating the landfills, the university will now be home to the West Coast branch of the World Computer Exchange, a service that will accept computers from members of campus or the community, refurbish the machines, and redistribute them to local and international communities in need.

Connecticut College Initiates Recycling Education Campaign

After recently observing trash and recyclables intermingling in bins across campus and to help end confusion about single-stream recycling, the Office of Sustainability started the Blue Campaign using billboards across campus to ask the question "What does blue mean to you?"

Portland State U Redistributes Abandoned Reusable Mugs

Known as Mug Runners, the new program collects reusable beverage containers from around campus and offers them through their Reuse Room.