Colorado State U Renews STARS Platinum

The newly rated report's points of distinction include details about its sustainability integration in curriculum, local and global food security services and research, and a ground-source heating and cooling system for a 375,000 square feet athletic facility.

Utrecht U Adopts Transport By Train Policy

(Netherlands) The university's executive board in mid-December announced that starting Jan. 1, 2023, journeys of less than 700 kilometers (435 miles), or that take less than eight hours, will have to be made by train rather than plane. Permission to travel by plane can can be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Emory U Introduces Grants Addressing Racial and Social Justice

The new funding opportunity aims to promote racial justice and equity by supporting Emory faculty research projects that will contribute to the eradication of inequities in society. Standard grants are $150,000 spread over three years; a small number of special projects will be considered for up to $300,000 total over three years.

U California to Award $80M in Climate Change Research Grants

As part of a partnership between the university and the state of California, the university will be awarding $80 million in research grants, with the goal of creating real-world solutions and targeted policies in partnership with California communities to tackle the existential threat of climate change.

HKUST Adopts ESG Investment Policy

(Hong Kong) The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) pledged to eliminate investments in fossil fuels through a newly adopted environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investment strategy, consistent with the scientific consensus on climate change and the goals of the Paris Agreement. By 2030, 100 percent of in-scope assets will be invested in companies that have adopted science-based targets.

U College Cork to Go Plastic Free

In 2023, the university will eliminate all single-use plastic in its operation throughout campus dining, shops and vending machines.

AASHE Announces 2022 Sustainability Award Winners

AASHE recently celebrated 12 winners selected from over 430 applications submitted into the 2022 Sustainability Awards program. Dr. Robert D. Bullard was selected as the fifth Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and the University of Oregon was recognized as the second winner of the Racial Equity and Sustainability Collaborations Award. Other categories of winners include Campus Sustainability Achievement (three winners), Student Sustainability Leadership (one winner), and Campus Sustainability Research (six winners). Thank you to the 40 judges who selected this year’s winners.

U Pennsylvania Schools Publish Climate Commitments

Announced at the U.N. COP27, each of the 12 schools of the university adopted climate commitments that spotlight courses and research in the school, while illuminating the industry outcomes as a result of emphasizing climate action.

Lewis & Clark College, Arizona State U & Chatham U Commit to Sustainable Retirement Plan

In mid-September, the Intentional Endowment Network's Sustainable Retirement Pledge was adopted by Arizona State University, the ASU Foundation, Chatham University, and Lewis & Clark College, which commits signatories to offering university employees a range of sustainable investing retirement fund options that consider ESG factors, while reducing risk, protecting capital and enhancing financial returns.

U Wisconsin Milwaukee Releases Climate Action Plan

The university's new Climate Action, Carbon and Resiliency Plan goals include reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent from 2010 levels by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050. To integrate teaching, learning experiences and research, the plan calls for the establishment of the Institute of Climate Resilience.