U California Irvine Launches Center for Liberation, Anti-Racism and Belonging

The Center for Liberation, Anti-Racism and Belonging (C-LAB) launching this fall seeks to foster research communities that are grounded in addressing issues related to race, Indigeneity and migration.

Bucknell U Connects 1.76 MW Solar Array

The newly completed 1.76 megawatt solar array is projected to supply approximately seven percent of the university's electricity.

Colorado Mountain College Installs Solar Array & Battery Storage Facility

The new 4.5-megawatt solar array is grid-tied and includes five megawatts of battery storage. The power company that operates the grid will retire renewable energy credits on the college’s behalf, in a quantity sufficient to offset 100 percent of the electricity use of three CMC campuses at Aspen, Spring Valley and Vail Valley.

San Francisco State U Prioritizes Climate & Racial Justice Investment Goals

The university foundation's new commitments include making measurable progress in growing the percentage of its portfolio managed by companies owned or led by people of color and women within five years, net-zero carbon emissions for its endowment by 2040, and divestiture of fossil fuel companies by 2025.

Princeton U Dissociates from 90 Fossil Fuel Companies

The board of trustees of the university voted in September to dissociate from 90 companies pursuant to a fossil fuel dissociation decision made last year that focused on the most-polluting segments of the industry and on concerns about corporate disinformation campaigns. It will also eliminate all holdings in publicly traded fossil fuel companies.

U Central Lancashire Divests From Fossil Fuels

The university's recent announced its decision to divest its funds in the fossil fuel industry in line with its commitment to sustainable and ethical investments. This includes all companies in the oil, gas and consumable fuels industry; energy equipment and services industry; and diversified metals and mining industry.